Drops Of January

I love the old proverb; “he loses his thanks who promises and delays.” But with my own experiences, promises like babies are easy to make, they’re just hard to deliver. Every year of our lives, we come to an end and start anew on the first day of January. It’s almost like a spiritual rousing in one’s life. It’s all about newness, freshness, new beginnings. Get rid of the old, start over. It’s always a second chance we give ourselves.

We celebrate January, as it is a new month in a new year. It’s all about “new.” But as we make a promise to make changes, for most of us,  somewhere along the way we become blindsided falling off the wagon and resorting back to the place we vowed to leave. Sometimes, we find a way to get back up and get back on that wagon, while most times we give in and give ourselves reasons to continue with the old ways we wanted to change to begin with.

How do we build a custom-fit plan of loyalty to ourselves and commit to the vows we make and deem to carry out starting on the first day of the year? The first place to start is in the mirror. You know, the place where you have that conversation with yourself from time to time. It’s not a one-time promise and expecting your world to change. That monkey on your back did not decide to vacay when you decided to do things differently. Those little demons that like to argue with the angels on the other shoulder are not easily intimidated. They are going to fight to win. For every reason you will have to better your self, there will be a hundred coming from that monkey and those demons trying to convince you why you should’nt. So, every morning, start anew just like it’s the first day of the year. Keep that January spirit inside you all year long. When you feel like giving up, celebrate those drops of January and know that each new day brings a new start…

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