Beware Of The Dark Cloak…

Satan works under the cloak of the night. There is a dimension where powers come to attack behind the scenes when we are most vulnerable, and the Bible is clear when it tells us, Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. I have encountered a few of these times during the deep of the night. Last night was no exception:

If you have been following me on my journey lately, you know I have fallen under attack by Satan himself. It’s been a war like no other in my life. There have been countless battles and a whole lot of talking to God in motion. The struggle to trust is very real because the devil does not want you to trust in God. That’s bad news for him. So, he is clever in his schemes and he won’t stop until he has you where he wants you.

Last night, I could not sleep. After praying to God and dozing off, I was soon awakened by a demonic laugh. Upon opening my eyes, it wasn’t the screeching laugh that scared me, it was the fears that began to flood my mind. Fears of losing everything I had worked so hard to get. Fear of losing my job, my apartment, everything! I’ve already lost my job as the 4th of February will be my last day. During this time of inner turmoil and struggling, I’ve gotten to know my Father God even more so than I already did.

He has given me peace when there was none to be found. Calmed my storms when the winds and waves were cold and bitter while teaching me to trust in Him while drowning. He even accompanied me in my depression which was a very dark hole that I would not wish on my worst enemies, and kept me from doing the unthinkable. I’ll be honest. Trusting God is not easy at all. You always hear others telling you to place your trust in the Almighty One, but they always make it seem so easy and they never tell you what you’re going to go through to learn how to trust.

You may think I’m crazy or have gone off the deep end. Well, I probably am and I probably have. If you faced what I have over the past couple of months, I can assure you there is no sanity to be found. I will boldly say, anyone who goes through deep dark trials ain’t going to be normal nor sane. It will suck the very life from you no matter what you go through.

But, last night, the devil made his presence known in my bedroom. I think my two cats sensed it as well as they tried to curl up next to me all night long. I sleep with my Bible underneath my pillows and at 4:30 this morning, I grabbed my Bible and began pacing the floor. I was so fed up with the evil one trying to torment me. I began to rebuke him, kind of like Elizabeth Jordan in the movie, War Room. I even noticed one of my sweet cats pacing with me. I suppose he was fed up with me getting up and down all night long.

At 5:45 I laid back down still praying to God as I fell into a deep sleep, but was quickly awakened by that annoying alarm clock reminding me it was time to get up, get ready for work. Before leaving the house, the devil began trying to harass me and this went on for a few hours until I got complete victory over him.

My fight isn’t against flesh and blood nor God Himself but against my enemy. Satan! I’ve always been told He comes to steal your joy and he tries to trip you up before something wonderful comes your way. He doesn’t want us to prosper in any area of our lives. So beware of the real night terrors underneath the dark cloak of the evil one. Submit to Christ, resist the devil and he has to flee. That doesn’t mean he won’t be back in a little while because he will. You have to keep resisting….

By Jane Hardin

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