The Shadier Dark of Darkness

For the past several days and sit-down conversations with bank officials and lawyers, my eyes have been opened to a dread that I have become victim to and trying to maintain sanity has been a harsh struggle. “Have you heard of the Dark Web?” That question hung in the air as I stared hopelessly into the eyes of the bank manager who was trying to deliver the news that my financial information wound up on the dark net. I had heard of the Dark Web as well as the Deep Web, but never gave it much thought thinking nothing like that would happen to someone like me who is very careful with my information. I quickly learned it doesn’t matter how careful one can be, it’s still not enough.

If you’re wondering, the Dark Web is much more scarier than you might realize. It’s darker than any shade of dark to be found and can destroy a life in a matter of seconds. Most of us spend a considerable amount of time on the internet like reading news, social media sites, online-retailers and the list goes on. But this is not even a fraction of the internet as the biggest part of the net sphere is the Deep Web which makes up over 93 % of what is available on the internet. There are many layers as was explained to me over the past three days. These layers go beyond private sites and different databases that isn’t indexed by Google. Just beneath the Deep Web is the Dark Web which you need special resources to get into it. This particular web is hidden and is encrypted and hosted on anonymous servers. Now, not to get confused with the good side of the dark web which was originally developed by the U.S. Navy allowing searchers to search anonymously, but the availability or level of this anonymity makes illegal things possible.

What can you find on the dark web? I researched and learned you can buy drugs, a list of every weapon available and also the weapon itself. You can find child pornography which I want to say right now, do not make your children or grandchildren’s photos available on the internet especially beach or water photos of them in their swim suits. I asked my bank manager why didn’t she have family photos sitting around on her desk? She quickly told me of the growing problem of people coming into the offices and seeing these photos and selling them to the dark web but it doesn’t stop there. Many of the bank employees have been threatened with people claiming to have their children and giving a description of their child that was in the photo on the desk. She then proceeded to tell me under no circumstance should any parent or grandparent proudly post photos of young children on Facebook, Instagram or any social media site.

You can also find murders-for-hire and any illicit item or service that can be dreamed up in this arena. This darkness is intentionally hidden from search engines and is only accessible with a special web browser. It’s scary what lurks beyond the user-friendly websites and it’s bigger than you will ever be able to fathom and the Dark Web and Deep Web loom in very dark corners. You can find Pharmaceuticals, Fake Documentation services, Carding Sites and that sickening sex trafficking corner that is untraceable.There are so many dark secrets to be had and found in this dark corner of the net. What does this have to do with me? I just found out that the Financial Fraud Sites, which are many and cannot possibly be listed, held financial information attached to my name and bank accounts.

Early Monday morning around 12:30 a.m., I spent 45 minutes on the phone talking with customer service about my options being that I had just found $6,500.00 was pending to be taken out of Square which is a payment platform I had attached to my checking account that could receive payments for services rendered on-line. I have not used this device or platform and certainly didn’t owe anyone money. I was advised to stop that particular account immediately and tear up the card associated to it which I did while on the phone with this representative. Hours later when the bank opened, I was there first thing without any sleep that night so as not to oversleep. I sat down with the bank manager who pulled up the account which had NOT been deactivated by the customer service representative and there was another transaction of $12, 000.00 Pending.

I was doing everything within my power to keep from throwing up. My blood pressure reached into orbit and I was falling apart quickly. She immediately got on the phone with FBI, and other internal resources to get an investigation going. Before the end of that visit, another slice at my account had been posted for an additional $87,000.00, then another $12,000.00. Corporate immediately shut down my account and an investigation had begun. I felt empty on a whole new level. I’ve had horrible things to happen to me, but this knocked me off my feet entirely. My bank fixed everything, but they could not fix the fact that I am now an occupant of the dark web and not by choice. The internet has been convenient for me in so many ways, it’s been my friend. But it’s also been my biggest enemy hidden away in some very dark corner. I will change the way I do things now. Your information is NOT safe. HANDLE WITH CARE and don’t use your card for on-line shopping, or to support those you think you trust. That number should never leave your wallet even using it in stores isn’t 100 % safe. We all need to take every precaution in protecting our assets…

A Hidden Secret

To look at me your first thoughts might be; sound, healthy, got it together maybe even happy. I will admit, I do love life and being outdoors attuned to nature and for the most part, I’m a positive being but in reality as much as I would love to be the above mentions, I have a secret…

I woke up this morning disappointed. The sun was shining brightly through the French doors and I felt a surge of dread as I tried to hide beneath my blanket where the dark is usually my comfort. I lay there while thoughts ran rampant scattering all over the place and the headache I developed forced me to get up and take pills for the pain. Actually, since Christmas of 2017 I have lived with these headaches the loss of energy, sluggishness and feeling hopeless. I don’t think I’ve slept a full night through since that dreadful day in December. In fact, if I get three hours of sleep, I’m doing good. My appetite has changed and I eat when I remember to and wanting to be alone is my new purpose in life a place where I have often entertained the idea of suicide.

My name is Jane Hardin and I suffer depression.

Most mornings when I awake, I wished I hadn’t and become angry because I had. It’s a genuine struggle that I live with and even I don’t understand the hurdles I go through on a daily basis much less expect anyone else to understand meaning I put on a mask and pretend all is well. Many days, I stay in my loungewear and throw my hair into a messy bun not caring about my makeup routine. Why bother? My condition is not manic but at times it borders along that gray area and I battle with trying to keep it hidden. My depression began somewhat situational as we all go through things that bring on sadness, it’s part of the human emotion. There were adjustment disorders where my mood was completely depressed in the beginning and I understood that “this too shall pass” but for me it didn’t!

In January of 2018, things began to worsen as I struggled to come to terms with the dramatic life change I was forced to accept and I noticed that I was dealing with unfocused anxiety. I went to the store to purchase OTC sleeping pills. I also made a quick stop at the local liquor store and bought strong whiskey. I refused to seek professional health for many reasons. I’ve had friends who nearly died trying to wing themselves from anti-depressants not to mention the stigma Christianity has placed on those who suffer this bigger than life distraction and going for help meant a lack of trust in God not to mention the accusing voices blaming your distress to demon possession which is neither logical nor biblical. However, I do agree that Satan has a plan for our lives and he will do anything in his power to deprive us of our joy and happiness and his ultimate goal is to rob us of our eternal life and when we are at our lowest, we become vulnerable and the devil himself moves in for the kill.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking those who do reach out for professional help and believe me it’s not a lack of trust in God, nor demon possession or anything of the sort, because if that were true, then why do most symptoms disappear when mental illness is treated with the right medications? There are no medications for being possessed of the devil, that scenario alone is laughable. God can use right counsel and drug therapy to bring emotional healing to those who suffer. But for me, it has been a matter of affording the help I needed so I have done my best to help myself.

I declare that 2018 has been the worse year of my life to date. After losing my job, I lost my home. I lost everything I owned including my mind. I was in an automobile accident that nearly cost me my life and my car insurance had lapsed three days before. My other car was repo’d on Mother’s Day a week after my accident. There was nothing left of me especially after losing all of my clothes an valuables that was put in storage so I could move in with a friend and live on the corner of a sofa. I don’t know anyone who could have remained sane during this horrific time of life.

There was nothing left for me to do, so I took advantage of finishing my novel I started back in 2010, Secret Hostage and in April it was published. I then started writing another book, Girl Gone Positive but I have not been able to find an ending being that depression snuck back into my existence. It’s not writer’s block just a hurdle that is too big to jump in this point of my life especially when my book is about being positive which brings me to say, being positive every single day of one’s existence has become a hallmark operation. Being positive every single day, through every circumstance is being untruthful and is a load of bull. To me, it’s dishonesty and deception. The concept of positive thinking represses the reality of the moment like trauma, abuse or any other hurt you’re left with, but………..

I firmly believe its what you do with the negative that counts. I believe you should be cognizant of the negative and try to make something good of it by not allowing it to rule your life but turning it into something that you can grow from and move forward. I believe in understanding our strengths and weaknesses and taking measurable steps to come up with a grounded plan and initiate it. I believe your mind is powerful and you can do anything you want if you use application with your thoughts. Don’t just think it, do it! Put action into the theory. But not everyday is going to be a good day and I have come to realize this and trying to heal myself through knowledge and help from my Father God is not an overnight success story. In my war, I have to fight many small battles and learn to overcome many things as I go while each battle has it’s own victory or defeat.

I haven’t completely recovered from all of my loss, and I struggle daily as a result. Every night, I go outside and stare at the night-sky and I open my heart to God as I unload the day’s burdens washing my face in my own tears. That old familiar question is always the first to pop up. “Why?” I never get an answer, but am always reminded that my condition was not caused by sin and I can always come to my Father God and bring my weariness and my burdens and He gives me rest. Not so much in sleeping the entire night through, but rest as in peace for my soul and I go there constantly to get my dose. It’s kind of like a subscription, and I have to get my renewal. It’s not a one-time peace treaty, but definitely a place to find what I need when I need.

Don’t judge me by my words I’ve written this day. I’m not the only silent sufferer and I do know for a fact there are many others who also keep secret the depression that resides in their lives. Life can be harsh and not every day is going to be a “great day!” But I do learn in every day I am blessed to participate in that it’s my duty to fight my war, but my battles I have to give to God when they are too much or too heavy to deal with. We all have our vices. Yours might not be depression, but you struggle just the same whatever it might be. Why can’t the church open up to this dilemma rather than pass judgement and push it under the rug? Why does the church want to put you on the firing range if they find out you suffer? Why can’t the church remember what they are there for? The sick? The sinner? Not the well and high and mighty who look down on others less than them. Yes! I do have it in for those who think they are above anyone and I can smell it a mile away. I am an underdog. I am a nobody. But I’ll be the first to defend those who can’t defend themselves or don’t have the courage to and I’ll be the first to remind you that “whatever you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do it unto Christ.”

I am broken. I am flawed. I do not completely have my act together. But maybe through my brokenness, I can use my voice or fingers to reach others who also feel they just don’t measure up or feel they are too far gone. If I remember correctly, throughout the Bible, God did not choose the righteous or those who were perfect. He chose a king who committed adultery, a king who murdered. He chose a Hebrew with a speech impediment. He chose foul-mouthed fishermen, a prostitute and a tax collector. He even chose someone who persecuted Christians and the flawness goes on. I’m not capable of much but God doesn’t need for me to be capable, He just needs me to be available so therefore I am. If you suffer depression, feel free to reach out to me. We can do this together and hopefully it will spread as we forward our availability to help others. Let’s not do this alone anymore…

Wales Continued….A Non-Tedious Or Tiring Journey

Wales, a place that stole my heart and refuses to give it back is the small country wedged between Scotland and England, landscaped with pristine coastlines and dramatic mountain ranges and is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words or express extravagantly my experiences there. The rich history and that charm unlike any other on this planet leaves you with a greater feeling of authenticity especially when you take a walk through the stone-laden halls throughout the country itself.

I remember pulling off to the side of the road and jumping out of the car to capture some of earth’s breathtaking views. Being that I’m not a professional photographer, my photos (cell phone camera) do not give you the total experience that I was blessed to breathe in on that cold road trip in January of this year.

The photos above were taken from the side of the road of Llan Ffestiniog which is a village in Gwynedd en route through Northern Wales. As we traveled on, my heart skipped a beat as we topped a hill and the most beautiful beach came into view, Traer Beach. Needless to say, I had to stop and become one with the spectacular land and sea view I’ve ever seen awaiting me with it’s rock-covered beach and ambient ocean stretching far to where the end meets the sky. I almost forgot just how cold it was as I walked along the shore speechless pinching myself wondering if I was only dreaming.

I wanted to see what was next around the bend and followed the coastline into another area located in Llanabar close to Barmouth where you can stay for days taking in the stunning views in all directions. My curiosity got the best of me as I discovered a wonder situated beside the beach. An early 13th Century church (St. Mary and St. Bodfan) an impressive architectural gem of a building with a large sloping graveyard filled with unique carved headstones, some still in tact but stained with age while others were crumbling among the wild flowers and tall grasses. It would be fitting to mention among these Holy ruins are war memorials I believe 12 Commonwealth war graves that begged your attention perhaps a few tears. I took time walking through the seaside cemetery paying my respects to those gone before and searching for a name that I might recognize from history.

We left this area and headed into Barmouth in the county of Gwynedd. This old-town village where the mountains meet the sea overlooks the Cardigan Bay. While visiting a local shop, I noticed across the street a beautiful old structure, somewhat of an unorthodox chapel full of eclectic mix of interior and exterior treasures. We did not have time to go inside and visit, but I did visit it via internet but no pictures of my own to share other than the exterior from the photo I had taken.

Ebeneezer Chapel Emporium

After leaving Barmouth following those snakey country lanes, we found ourselves driving parallel with the River Mawddach estuary where I spotted an old bridge in my rear view mirror therefore sending me into a quick stop in the middle of the road to get a shot of what I found out to be the Barmouth Bridge a wooden construction built in 1867. Thankfully no traffic was coming from either direction giving me time to take my photo. I learned this bridge is one of the longest timber viaducts that is still used in Britain and it’s measurements are approximately 800 yards across and is supported by 113 wooden trestles. After getting my photo, I drove around the curve and in view there was a structure that resembled a castle only smaller. I have searched to find out what this building may be, but to my dismay was not satisfied by any findings leaving me to believe it’s someone’s home. The castle-looking building was built on a bend of the road which also over-looked the Mawddach River. I dared not stop on this curve so my friend took the photo for me.

Our last stop of the day was awaiting several miles up the road. We didn’t even know it existed and darkness was edging its way in quickly. As I followed the winding road, I accidentally took a wrong turn and needless to say it was a worthy mistake. Driving down a long narrow road into beautiful scenery in the Penrhos Mountains, we found ourselves among some history hidden away from public view in a place called Ty’n y Groes in Coed y Brenin Forest. There were two major trails that was accessible along the river that ran through the park. One of those trails was The King’s Gaurds Trail where you could view the biggest trees with very wide trunks and along this path is the King’s Champion, the tallest tree in the forest. Then there was the Penrhos Mountain Trail which was a rugged steep trail that leads you above the forest to where you can see great views of the Snowdonia. I regret not being able to hike these trails, but one day, I will return and it’s on my re-do list. However, I was able to get a few photos of the entrance area before heading back…

When Night Settles

There are places around us with rich history and dark pasts. I for one have a healthy curiosity, yet an unsettled indecisiveness about haunted tales and dark stories that proliferate from so many others and may be debatable. One such tale has peaked my wonder and I obliged my need to know.

Allow me to make it clear, my indecisiveness is that of ghost stories. I do not judge those who do believe nor do I toss out the idea of accuracy, it’s just I have never seen one but I have seen things that were nightmare worthy and have been forever etched in my memory bank. Before I go any further, I have concluded that in certain places on this planet when night settles in, it has it’s own kind of darkness and your mind either intercepts and believes or denies the events at hand.

Last year in May of 2018, my family and I ventured off a few miles from home to a place located in the dark corners of upper state South Carolina to a popular historic site called The Poinsett Bridge in the Blue Ridge mountains. This particular bridge is said to be the oldest standing bridge in the Southeastern United States. It was constructed in 1820 with impressive weird shaped rocks and a pointed gothic arch that is very rare and gilded in a medieval tradition. Here is a photo I took below.

The Poinsett Bridge

We enjoyed a hike up the mountain. It was amazingly beautiful, hot and a treacherous hike indeed and I’m very thankful we weren’t greeted by timber rattlers that are said to be prominent in these parts but there was that one snake but he was friendly and non-venomous.

Family Hike at Blue Ridge

Now that you have an idea of this area, lets talk about what happens when night settles in. I videoed my experienced from Saturday night, the 4th of May 2019 when we returned at night in hopes of fueling our expectations from stories that are very much alive from the locals and many who come seeking truth of these tales. I had taken photos as well but they came up missing and I had to screenshot some photos from my video which did not turn out well. As I mentioned earlier, tales have been described with grueling details from those who have ventured here and have become the recipient of harrowing experiences. Now, here is mine…..

When we arrived at the bridge, it was pitch black and very warm outside. We wore our jackets thinking it might be somewhat chilly in the higher elevations but learned quickly they weren’t needed. We didn’t have flashlights so we used our cell phone lights to see and I had a small LED light attachment for my phone I used as well. I also had my GoPro but it decided not to participate in the adventure by being stubborn and refusing to work, ( it wasn’t the GoPro that wasn’t working it was me not working it right as it was new to me) therefore all events were captured by cell phones. The moment we exited the car, you could hear the rushing water moving through it’s path. It was loud and boisterous as it had rained earlier that day. It was the only sound to be heard.

As we neared the bridge we stood at the top of the landing with our little lights shining below and down on the bridge was a very dim light that was not at all very lengthy in duration, but long enough for its debut in my photo gallery then dissolved into the woods as we headed down. That alone was enough to change my mind but I did not want to be the only chicken in the coup so-to-speak and pretended to be brave. I have to mention here, there are no residences here nor streetlamps nor any kind of towers nor lighted street signs around for miles and to our knowledge, we were the only folks there.

You can barely see the light on the bridge past the stairway below.

Others have said they have witnessed red and white lanterns throughout the woods and up the mountain, but the light seemed to be waiting for us on the bridge as if it knew we were coming. As we walked the path from the landing to the bridge I noticed the struggle with my footing as the ground was very uneven as it had been worn through time and it was the same all through the woods but as we stood on the bridge I felt a heavy overwhelming feeling. No one said a word. It was eerily quiet and the only sound to be heard was the rushing creek below. We killed all sources of light and just listened. There were five of us, and two, myself and my oldest son, decided to go ahead to get a feel of things. We crossed the bridge and turned right onto a dirt path that led us partly up the mountain. I heard noises all around me and compensated that for wild animals. I stood still looking into my camera as I scanned the area, and even though my naked eye could not see anything, after getting home and looking at the footage, I had captured a predominance of orbs all around me and a substantial unexplained mist that crossed my path.

As we turned and headed back to join the others, my son whispered and told me to hurry. I turned to look at him and he was looking behind himself motioning me to speed it up and keep going. He never told me what he saw but my son isn’t afraid of anything and whatever he saw or heard, it was enough and he kept it to hmself! After meeting up with the others, we talked a few minutes about what we felt, heard or saw. The other three felt a presence on the bridge edging it’s way around and between them, I didn’t have anything substantial to tell just yet neither did my son volunteer any information so we proceeded to head down the path leading to the woods.

In my camera, I saw the mist again. It seemed to have taken a liking for me being that no one else saw it in their photos or videos. It floated by very quickly and spiraled magically into the trees. Fortunately I was able to screenshot it from the video.

The mist

As we got deeper into the woods, we heard moaning sounds that did not sound animalistic. Suddenly, there was a loud evil sound that hauntingly echoed through those woods and seemed to bounce off the wall of that mountain piercing our ears.
There was a certain conviction within the walls of each of us that it was time to head out and we did just that. As we headed back, I was at the front of the group and I saw something to the right of me as I scanned my camera in that direction. It was tall, human-like and it was dark as if it was cloaked. I think some refer to that as a shadow figure. While everyone else was pushing their way forward, I wanted to stop in hopes it would show up in the video so people would believe my story and it did. But nothing showed up in the screenshot from the video that I can tell, except the darkness it stood in but I know that I know I saw this entity and it wanted me to see it.

As we made our way from the woods, across the bridge, I felt relieved to get out of there. When we reached the stairs and climbed to the landing, I snapped a photo of the moon and it was as eerie as the night had been. I was left with a begging question of whether or not I believe, and as I stared at the peeking moon, reality set in and I pondered the event coupling it with reasonable answers for everything I witnessed but then again, none of my reasonable answers made sense to the darkness that dominates the night as well as the chills that dominate the spine when entering the lore of the dark corners. I believe what I witnessed…

Roundabouts,Celtic Castles and Dainty Pubs (and demons that roam the halls of Bryn Melyn).

On December 9th, 2018 we rented a car for our upcoming trip to North Wales. As an American and my first time driving in England, I knew there would be challenges but I was positive that I would become accustomed in no time after hearing rumors that you adapt to the motorways very quickly. I soon found out how wrong those rumors were, at least for me. There are rotaries (roundabouts if you are British) which goes in a circle and you have to figure out which lane you need to be in to exit the roundabout, but figuring out the exit was a challenge within itself.

In America, we don’t have many rotaries but the ones that do exist are simple as you enter counter clockwise compared to British roundabouts that you enter clockwise. It’s difficult (or in England, bloody difficult) enough to keep in mind you’re driving on the left side of road navigating from right side of car. I’ll not go into detail the numerous times as the driver I got in on the wrong side of car or drove in the wrong lane. It did not take me long after leaving the car rental place to realize that my brain receptors were going to be confused for the next thirty days and as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, mad stress had settled in and made itself at home.

Despite the chaos of the motorways, the stunning scenery from rolling hills to the picturesque countryside begs to be explored with its quaint villages, green fields and beautiful rivers and majestic lakes which you will find all across England. You are destined to fall in love and the fresh air melts your driving worries away and as we headed to Northern Wales, the beauty intensified and my heart felt like it belonged there. Our fist stop was in Llandderfel which is only two miles from Bala.

Bryn Melyn Cottages

Upon arrival, I noticed the cottages was a detached farmhouse, once a stable over 300 years ago. The setting was a stunning courtyard of traditional stone barns that had been converted to what they call self-catering cottages. I was hungry to know the history of this beautiful place and could not wait to unload the car and get to work to find the knowledge I was seeking. As I grabbed some bags and headed for the door, I stopped to take a photo of the entrance and at that moment, I felt a presence that wasn’t exactly pleasant. At first, I brushed it off thinking that it was just me suddenly feeling tired, but once I entered the cottage and headed upstairs, I knew immediately something didn’t feel right. I know that touch of the uncanny, the “creeps” if you will and my spidey senses certainly heightened as my attention and focus was like a laser on the landing upstairs where everything seemed unwelcoming and you just knew something was wrong in that place.

I’ll save the details for another time, but my entire stay there in those cottages was very uncomfortable and the heaviness was always present. When I researched and learned what occurred there many years ago, I understood why I was feeling the way I did. When evil has been present, it doesn’t necessarily leave it might linger forever and I was not there to construe willful agency about some circumstance. I didn’t now the circumstances nor was I told prior to my arrival there. But I will say this in all honesty, I do believe the evilness was malicious as the individual that was with me endured changes during our stay there and his attitude towards me suddenly dimmed the minute we entered those doors. He was not the same person I knew going in.

Every time we left the cottage, things changed and all normality would return and we both agreed that the cottages was without doubt, haunted or possessed as I believed it to be. We decided to spend our time exploring the beautiful area and we found a quaint little pub just around the corner from where we were staying and it became our nightly place to dine. The home-cooked meals from the varied menu was outstanding and we felt cozy warming ourselves by the open log fire. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere made for a perfect environment.

The Bryntirion Inn Pub

This Pub is also a secluded Inn with en-suite guest rooms. I don’t know much about the suites or accommodations, but the owners, Martin and Linda Woods were very pleasant folks and their aim was to make each customer feel at home and if I ever return to this particular area, this Pub will be the first place I stop for fish and chips. But there is also a little surprise when visiting the Pub and his name is Screwfix. He is the Pub cat and while mainly staying to himself, he might come around and rub against your leg in hopes of breaking bread with you.

The Pub fireplace

We enjoyed spending time at Llyn Tegid which is Welsh for Bala Lake and is the largest body of water in Wales. The ducks were very friendly and entertaining not to mention the beautiful scenery surrounding us. Peaceful, serene and very cold with threats of snow storms rolling in so we didn’t hang around the lake for very long. We headed back into Bala which is a lovely market town and community located in the Snowdonia National Park. We enjoyed shopping for snacks at the local grocery store and even had lunch in one of their marvelous diners. Have I mentioned how wonderful the food is in Wales?

Bala Lake and those snow clouds coming in.

After our stay at the cottages, we really didn’t have an itinerary and decided on the spur-of-the-moment to go look for castles and we chose Harlech which is a seaside community in Gwynedd. As we drove along those skinny winding roads, just ahead in the distance arose the towers of the medieval Castle of Harlech spectacularly situated on a near vertical cliff face where it is perched overlooking land and the Irish sea that separates Wales from Ireland. I had never seen a castle in person and my excitement was definitely climbing to unprecedented levels.

We drove down the one tiny street that snaked through the sleepy town to find a parking space. It was very impressive and so was my driving, but at the same time, very terrifying. I finally found a spot to park and I have to say, in England it doesn’t matter which side of the road you park just as long as you park. I was caught by surprise upon exiting the car to experience the charm of the small, old town. There was even a fold-up chair in a parking space that left us chuckling. I suppose that’s one way of getting dibs on the parking space. We walked the stone walkways through the town and visited a couple of shops there before migrating to the castle.

Harlech Castle

It was a tail spin after learning the castle was closed that particular day but we were able to have lunch at the Caffi Castell by the castle and I enjoyed the apple pork stew with buttered bread it’s absolutely difficult to put into words just how delicious it was. After our relaxing time in the Caffi we headed back to the car for our next adventure and along the way, we browsed a few shops before leaving. As I got back into the car and began to drive away, I felt an aire of sadness leaving the breathtaking landscapes and amazing coastlines, but I somehow felt I would return again some day and it is on my to-do-again list.