When Night Settles

There are places around us with rich history and dark pasts. I for one have a healthy curiosity, yet an unsettled indecisiveness about haunted tales and dark stories that proliferate from so many others and may be debatable. One such tale has peaked my wonder and I obliged my need to know.

Allow me to make it clear, my indecisiveness is that of ghost stories. I do not judge those who do believe nor do I toss out the idea of accuracy, it’s just I have never seen one but I have seen things that were nightmare worthy and have been forever etched in my memory bank. Before I go any further, I have concluded that in certain places on this planet when night settles in, it has it’s own kind of darkness and your mind either intercepts and believes or denies the events at hand.

Last year in May of 2018, my family and I ventured off a few miles from home to a place located in the dark corners of upper state South Carolina to a popular historic site called The Poinsett Bridge in the Blue Ridge mountains. This particular bridge is said to be the oldest standing bridge in the Southeastern United States. It was constructed in 1820 with impressive weird shaped rocks and a pointed gothic arch that is very rare and gilded in a medieval tradition. Here is a photo I took below.

The Poinsett Bridge

We enjoyed a hike up the mountain. It was amazingly beautiful, hot and a treacherous hike indeed and I’m very thankful we weren’t greeted by timber rattlers that are said to be prominent in these parts but there was that one snake but he was friendly and non-venomous.

Family Hike at Blue Ridge

Now that you have an idea of this area, lets talk about what happens when night settles in. I videoed my experienced from Saturday night, the 4th of May 2019 when we returned at night in hopes of fueling our expectations from stories that are very much alive from the locals and many who come seeking truth of these tales. I had taken photos as well but they came up missing and I had to screenshot some photos from my video which did not turn out well. As I mentioned earlier, tales have been described with grueling details from those who have ventured here and have become the recipient of harrowing experiences. Now, here is mine…..

When we arrived at the bridge, it was pitch black and very warm outside. We wore our jackets thinking it might be somewhat chilly in the higher elevations but learned quickly they weren’t needed. We didn’t have flashlights so we used our cell phone lights to see and I had a small LED light attachment for my phone I used as well. I also had my GoPro but it decided not to participate in the adventure by being stubborn and refusing to work, ( it wasn’t the GoPro that wasn’t working it was me not working it right as it was new to me) therefore all events were captured by cell phones. The moment we exited the car, you could hear the rushing water moving through it’s path. It was loud and boisterous as it had rained earlier that day. It was the only sound to be heard.

As we neared the bridge we stood at the top of the landing with our little lights shining below and down on the bridge was a very dim light that was not at all very lengthy in duration, but long enough for its debut in my photo gallery then dissolved into the woods as we headed down. That alone was enough to change my mind but I did not want to be the only chicken in the coup so-to-speak and pretended to be brave. I have to mention here, there are no residences here nor streetlamps nor any kind of towers nor lighted street signs around for miles and to our knowledge, we were the only folks there.

You can barely see the light on the bridge past the stairway below.

Others have said they have witnessed red and white lanterns throughout the woods and up the mountain, but the light seemed to be waiting for us on the bridge as if it knew we were coming. As we walked the path from the landing to the bridge I noticed the struggle with my footing as the ground was very uneven as it had been worn through time and it was the same all through the woods but as we stood on the bridge I felt a heavy overwhelming feeling. No one said a word. It was eerily quiet and the only sound to be heard was the rushing creek below. We killed all sources of light and just listened. There were five of us, and two, myself and my oldest son, decided to go ahead to get a feel of things. We crossed the bridge and turned right onto a dirt path that led us partly up the mountain. I heard noises all around me and compensated that for wild animals. I stood still looking into my camera as I scanned the area, and even though my naked eye could not see anything, after getting home and looking at the footage, I had captured a predominance of orbs all around me and a substantial unexplained mist that crossed my path.

As we turned and headed back to join the others, my son whispered and told me to hurry. I turned to look at him and he was looking behind himself motioning me to speed it up and keep going. He never told me what he saw but my son isn’t afraid of anything and whatever he saw or heard, it was enough and he kept it to hmself! After meeting up with the others, we talked a few minutes about what we felt, heard or saw. The other three felt a presence on the bridge edging it’s way around and between them, I didn’t have anything substantial to tell just yet neither did my son volunteer any information so we proceeded to head down the path leading to the woods.

In my camera, I saw the mist again. It seemed to have taken a liking for me being that no one else saw it in their photos or videos. It floated by very quickly and spiraled magically into the trees. Fortunately I was able to screenshot it from the video.

The mist

As we got deeper into the woods, we heard moaning sounds that did not sound animalistic. Suddenly, there was a loud evil sound that hauntingly echoed through those woods and seemed to bounce off the wall of that mountain piercing our ears.
There was a certain conviction within the walls of each of us that it was time to head out and we did just that. As we headed back, I was at the front of the group and I saw something to the right of me as I scanned my camera in that direction. It was tall, human-like and it was dark as if it was cloaked. I think some refer to that as a shadow figure. While everyone else was pushing their way forward, I wanted to stop in hopes it would show up in the video so people would believe my story and it did. But nothing showed up in the screenshot from the video that I can tell, except the darkness it stood in but I know that I know I saw this entity and it wanted me to see it.

As we made our way from the woods, across the bridge, I felt relieved to get out of there. When we reached the stairs and climbed to the landing, I snapped a photo of the moon and it was as eerie as the night had been. I was left with a begging question of whether or not I believe, and as I stared at the peeking moon, reality set in and I pondered the event coupling it with reasonable answers for everything I witnessed but then again, none of my reasonable answers made sense to the darkness that dominates the night as well as the chills that dominate the spine when entering the lore of the dark corners. I believe what I witnessed…

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