Smile, Say cheese

It’s okay if I can’t find myself today. Somewhere along the way I’m sure I’ll be around and just maybe then I can join up with myself and get things done. Yes it’s true, I’m having a moment. Vicious hair wars, online classes and two cats who demand my attention especially when I begin to write. But there is one thing that has me puzzled and seemingly everyone is making fun of it, I have a lisp!

Do you see anything abnormal about my smile other than my uneven and crooked teeth? This photo was taken yesterday evening right after fitting my invisible aligners on my teeth. Can’t see them can you?

You see, I have committed six months of my life to wearing invisible aligners. I’m all in and confined to all the joys that come with wearing these wonderful trays that feel like plastic vampire teeth. However, I just started my journey yesterday evening and have already faced a challenge of commitment, stamina and self confidence. Self confidence because of the lisp. According to the instructions, the lisp will disappear in a few days. I am almost certain, that this journey is going to seem like a hundred years but I keep reminding myself the payoff is huge and perfectly straight teeth is my goal.

This is a customized program and you wear these aligners for a prescribed time. What really sold me on this plan is the fact there is no hassle of an orthodontist’s office visit every month or the reality of extremely high prices. When I was younger in my early thirties, I wore braces. I suffered with raw gums and had to wear wax quite often to help keep the pain at bay. I had to put up with the dreaded call naming such as, train tracks and metal mouth. I had worn my braces for three years when the Orthodontist just disappeared. My family dentist who referred him, had no idea what happened. But as fate would have it, and over four thousand dollars later, I had to have them removed because no other orthodontist worked with those particular bands of metal. I had another year and a half to go to finish out my term but because of the disappearing orthodontist I had to find one who worked with the types of metal in my mouth. I was fortunate to have found an orthodontist who could take them off with a hefty price tag of $300.00 not to mention that I would have to start over if I wanted to continue straightening my teeth. To me, it was all about the money with these professionals and there was no way I was going to start over and still to this day, no one has a clue as to what happened to my orthodontist who vanished from the face of this planet.

One bright sunny morning upon awakening, I decided on a whim to call and inquire about those invisible aligners that so many are raving about. I made an appointment for a free consultation which was really what got me in that office and I was impressed with the staff and their ability to get to know me as a person rather than a patient. After being called back, they explained in thorough detail what my visit would entail. They took photos of my teeth then asked me what my goal was to achieve what I wanted to achieve for a better smile. Then they took my impressions by having me bite down on a pliable mouth piece rather than that messy gook they put in your mouth for the metal braces. They then explained how I could pay for my investment which there were two options. Pay $250.00 down and $85.00 a month or pay the full price of $2,280.00 which is very reasonable considering I had paid over $4,000.00 for braces that I didn’t get to wear full term.

After choosing my payment plan which was the monthly payments, they gave me a cute little carry-all bag with dental floss, lip balm that is absolutely the best in my opinion for dry lips. Then there was a nice treat, a complete whitening system with an LED light and lightening gel to whiten your teeth. Needless to say, I came home and did my first whitening session. I noticed a difference right afterwards. My whitening kit also included USB cables to fit a tablet, iPad and cell phone which is what you plug the LED light into and you only use for five minutes per session.

It took four weeks for my impressions to be made and shipped to me. They came packaged in a nice case with enough trays to last me six months. Each individually wrapped set of trays is marked and stored nice and neat inside the box. you do not pull out all of your aligners, just the next set in line that’s already organized for you. I love the system used here. It’s very convenient without a fuss or stress and I get to change out my trays myself rather than having to make appointment with an orthodontist. How great is that?

Inside this wonderful purple case is a lifetime supply of confidence and once you start the system, you begin transforming your smile.

Also inside this purple case are a few other items that you will need throughout your journey. You get more lip balm that looks like a little rubber ball that is not too bulky to fit inside your purse or pocket. You get a smile stretcher that you will use to take photos for your 90-day check-ins with your Smile Direct doctor. Everything is done digitally without leaving your home. There are aligner tools such as an outie tool that helps you pull your trays off for brushing and flossing your teeth, eating and drinking fluids other than cool water. You can drink cool water with your aligners in but hot drinks can mess up your aligners. There are the Chewies. These things are very helpful for biting down on and pushing your aligners in further for a better fit. However, for me, they gag me and I do wish that Smile Direct would work on the Chewies to make them a little more tolerable. You get the bright on which is free premium whitening that will help you achieve your brightest smile and this stuff works great. Can you tell the difference below? The photo on left was made before I started whitening, the second one was made yesterday with the clear aligners on.

Take a look at my case…

If you are interested in upgrading your smile, contact me and I’ll hook you up. I will get a discount for referring you and you will also get a nice hefty discount and a few prizes if you decide to join as well. I love the convenience of doing everything right here in the comfort of my home after my consultation which is the only time I will need to visit my Smile Direct doctor. The rest of my journey is done digitally with a cell phone. After my six months and perfect smile, I will need to purchase a retainer to wear at night while sleeping to maintain my smile. It’s not free and I really think Smile Direct needs to change that and include the retainer in the set price. Other than that, I am on day two of wearing aligners and I had no problems last night sleeping in them and they feel a little more comfortable than yesterday. The lisp is improving and should be gone in a couple of days and another perk to wearing these aligners is you don’t eat much or snack. I will blog my progress once a month until the end. So smile and say cheese!

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