Drinking Green

Today’s blog isn’t about pouring yourself a strong one, putting on a kilt and doing a jig. But in case you do, please make sure your kilt is long enough to conceal those lucky charms. Instead, it’s about going green and detoxifying your inner being. I braved up and tried a green smoothie only to discover the color is deceiving because inside is a delicious healthy tonic loaded with everything good for you and ever since trying it, I have a green smoothie daily and it is changing my life.

Having my Green Smoothie outside…..

As most of you know, last year I suffered great loss and ended up a slave to depression. As a result, I suffered headaches daily. I lost every ounce of energy and felt exhausted every single day. I suffered chronic body aches, and maintaining a normal schedule was no longer on my agenda. I began packing on the pounds due to my inability to care enough to keep my body moving like I used to. I became a recluse and refused to tell anyone what I was going through because in my mind, no one cared in fact, I refused to be around anyone at all. It became so bad, I entertained the thought of suicide so as not to be a burden to anyone nor my two cats. But how selfish a thing to do, right?

This year, more turn of events kept coming in and I bucked up to those demons and made it clear I was taking back my life and it was going to be better than ever. I started researching healthy food choices that were graced with tons of nutrients but were low-calorie. I wanted something that worked in multiple dimensions as to provide more than one benefit, something that would be my healer and life-long friend. I found such a solution and I have to say, even I am impressed with my findings.

Many years ago after my second son was born, I became a fitness guru. I ate healthy, and worked out on a daily basis and knew the importance of doing the right things and eating right foods for my body in order to stay fit and feel great. I recently talked with my oldest son about drinking smoothies and he went shopping and bought a book by Kristine Miles titled, The Green Smoothie Bible. I got the ingredients needed to make my first green smoothie. It was the beginner’s recipe and very easy to make. Raw spinach, bananas, and water. Blend them together and you have green. The color was not exactly appetizing, but after closing my eyes and forcing a sip, I was hooked.

The recipe which I will leave below was very simple and quick and spinach is not expensive nor are bananas. No milk is used and the calories are very minimum but the satisfaction is paramount and leaves you feeling full and energized. Now, don’t worry if you have Irish blood like myself, I promise a nice green detox smoothie will not bring shame to your Irish ancestors they are such forgiving wonderful earthlings. Let me tell you a few of the benefits that cone with this smoothie superfood.

One cup of spinach has only 7 calories and is rich in protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Spinach is loaded with Iron which I desperately need as the lack of iron affects how your body uses energy. It’s good for your skin your hair and your bones and it improves blood glucose. It lowers the risk of cancer and can protect against high blood pressure which I have battled and it assists in helping to protect you from heart disease as I also battle. And if you ingest it in a raw form such as a smoothie, the benefits are greater.

If you notice in the photo above, I leave the stems on and after the blending process, you never know they are there.

We all know how delicious bananas are and they are loaded with potassium which also is good for lowering blood pressure. Combine these two together and you’ve got yourself a nice mixed drink guaranteed to get you high. That’s right, Spinach alone is a superstar natural that causes mood-regulating neurotransmitters like those dopamines and serotonins to contribute to well-being and happiness. I must say, I enjoy a tall glass of this miracle before going to the gym. The energy I feel is the kind you can’t explain but can only experience. There are more changes I am making in my life, but I wanted to share this particular addition to my new life with you today. Do something good for you that will benefit you in years to come. This concoction is surprisingly delicious. The recipe is listed below. I have altered my recipe to two bananas and more than a whopping handful of raw spinach with just a little under a half cup of water…

Green Smoothie Recipe

3 to 4 ripe bananas, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 2 cups of water, handful of fresh, clean spinach. This makes a quart which is enough to fill two large glasses. Blend together and enjoy…

My results are astonishing. I’m losing the excess pounds I accrued last year, I feel absolutely like I’m on top of the world. I’ve cut back on my dose of high blood pressure pills and look forward to being completely free from medications. The headaches are gone, my body aches have become very minimum. I feel great and I actually have color back in my skin from the chlorophyll I assume, but life is sweeter when we feed our bodies the good things nature provides for us.