Put A Little Sun Rise In Your Heart

After turning 58 a few days ago, I took some time to reflect and realized that everything is a mist just swirling around the fact that I am growing old. That thought lingered for a while as that cold hard truth set in that I’m inching my way closer to senior citizenship not to mention the good ole days of Medicare and Social Security benefits. But, that means retirement and the rest of my days spent doing what I darn well please.

A few years ago I spent a lot of early mornings chasing sunrises just before going into work. I remember the times I got lucky catching a perfect picture moment and realized there was always a story for each morning. Even though I was rushed to snap a picture then head off to work, I was always in awe of how the sunrise painted the sky differently each time. I suppose everyone is different but as for me personally, I observed from an emotional level realizing that this time of day was pure and quieter and I loved (and still do) how each morning began with new possibilities, new hope, and sweet hours of tranquility, and that mystery of the coming day.

Taken on Whiskey Road in Aiken, S.C.

Now, that time is fleeting by, I have started to chase the early morning theatrics once again. I cherish these moments and have begged my family to join me but they aren’t into the early morning chase like me. It’s my desire to travel to as many places as possible to capture the sun in her glory. I can say that sunrise gives a sense of euphoria and becomes addictive. I rise early to go out to the patio and wait for that first hint of warmth to hit my face and I suppose that the paradox is that it brings happiness and contentment.

Each sunrise is different as the light draws pictures that are never the same. Not only is there beauty but also benefits that affect various body systems as the sun gives off natural vitamin D kind of like natural Prozac that elevates mood and re-energizes. Also it has been suggested that sunlight regulates production of blood stem cells from bone marrow. I’m sure there are many benefits to be had, but I am still captivated by the first light and it’s beauty.

Photo taken at Lake Murray in Columbia, S.C.

I look forward to capturing more photos and enjoying my alone time with nature and God. It’s time well spent to invest early morning hours into your life just for the calm and serenity. If you suffer depression this is a wonderful way to ease the dread of waking every morning. If you just want to reflect and be alone, go outside and greet the sun first thing in the morning and take note of how the rays bring comfort and how the new light dances and paints beautiful portraits. Never take these things for granted!

A different morning on Whiskey Road, Aiken, S.C.

I look forward to spending the rest of my days enjoying the simple things however, to me, they do bring the most joy and satisfaction and no one can take that away. These are the living years and life is closing in but what I am blessed with for as long as I am blessed with it I shall make the most of it all as I choose to put a little sunrise in my heart…

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  1. That’s beautiful Jane, I remember seeing the photo’s from Whisky Road, There are many years to capture other throughout the world, would like a little company with that?

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