Words Will Cost You

Some realize, others do not and either way our words have so much colossal power that it can literally change the outcome of any situation be it good or bad. For so many years I was one who did not realize the cost of words and there is so much value lost because of my ignorance. Our words have impact and it pays to think before we speak.

Recently, my ex boyfriend (even though this sounds so teenager-ish, boyfriend is the only word that comes to mind at this moment), and I had words. In fact, it was those very words that ended us permanently. The damage was so profound it literally severed nine years of our relationship. Those ugly, negative words being spewed across the line impacted me to the point I stopped writing. I’m one who through many years of trying to get it right has learned that it’s true, words do not change our reality but they do change how we perceive reality. One single word can determine whether or not you will like someone, that’s heavy duty power in my opinion and because of a statement he made to me pertaining to my writings and that I only write for attention blew my perception of myself straight out of the water. In reality, it was a bad view of myself and I knew I had to quickly regain consciousness so-to-speak and bring myself back to the truth of who and what I am and not what he had created in his mind I was.

His perception of me ultimately shaped my world simply due to my emotional response to his “words” that he chose to create havoc whether or not he was conscious of his choice of words. I know that I do not write to get attention. I write because it’s a passion and I love writing, but I allowed my emotions to go to war with his attitude resulting in an end to our story. They say it’s true that you never truly appreciate something until it’s gone, but I have to say, that I’m very appreciative that he is gone! I feel like a bird who has been released from it’s cage. For years I felt imprisoned in this relationship and took a lot of verbal and emotional abuse but this is where I learned about the power of words. So, in a way, I am thankful for the teacher who taught me that our choice of words have massive weight, height and width and now I pay very close attention to what I think being careful to only allow good words to exit my lips.

I now look at what is in my mouth because words carry creative powers and it’s true that what we speak out of our mouths today, we will live in its reality tomorrow. It’s a biblical principal that we should pay attention to. Proverbs 15:4 says, “Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 12:14 NLT, “Wise words brings many benefits.” Proverbs 12:18 NIV, “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” There are so many verses that direct our attention to what we should and should not say and I love Proverbs 15:1 NASB, ” A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” I have a journal where I write these verses down and I do use different translations from time to time, but every day I fill my mind with these words and I have to renew my thoughts every single day. Changing the way we use our words is not a one time process. It’s an every day choice we need to consciously make.

Words will cost you if you’re not careful. Our tongue is a very small thing but sometimes it is a flame of fire and one tiny word or spark can set a great forest on fire. Our tongue is a whole world of wickedness but it can be a whole world of blessing. You can find this fact in James chapter 3. Our words determine our world and if your life is out of control, check your language. When you take control of what you say and your choice of words that roll off your tongue, then you take back control of your life. Our words will either acquit us or condemn us. Send negativity back to hell and change your life. Let your words uplift, encourage and always speak good things because if you don’t, the energy around you will be seen by all and your negative vibes will cost you your peace and happiness and your joy will not be found.

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