The Morning After…

I bet the title has you humming that old tune, “There’s got to be a morning after, if we can hold on through the night. We have a chance to find the sunshine, let’s keep on looking for the light.” It kind of has that sway on me too and it will probably be stuck in my head the rest of the day, but this blog isn’t about the song, it’s about insanity.

I have to wonder if perhaps because we spend all day on Thanksgiving breaking bread with our families in a cornucopia of deliciousness, (which is really a marathon feast that eventually puts us in a coma) could that be the curse that puts us under the influence of “big sales” day, the day after Thanksgiving? Yeah, that day, the one where people trample each other the day after taking stock and giving thanks to God for our many blessings.

I gave into that madness one year. I could not resist the lure of those irresistible sales that was being etched across my brain by all those television ads. But my experience began after waking up at 3:00 in the morning which was torture in itself especially after gorging on so much food the day before. I was in a mental fog thinking to myself this is what hunters do when they go hunting for deer and here I am going hunting for deals, I must be insane! After getting dressed and heading out in the cold early morning hours, it was the frustrating traffic and impatient drivers who were already suffering road rage that started the headache.

Trying to find parking space was another headache of its own not to mention the long line of shoppers stretched from one block to another on overcrowded sidewalks. It felt like I had gone into battle. If the road rage didn’t kill you, certainly that overwhelming mob of crazy shoppers would. I was already stressed out before finding a place to park which gave me the brilliant idea of just fleeing the scene and finding my way back home. Once I was safe in my house, I went online to get tips on how to handle Black Friday and honestly thought how insane I was to even be searching for tips after witnessing the curse that drives people to buy anything, everything, before the timer runs out on those discounts which raises panic mode to a whole new level. I could see it in their eyes.

I learned my lesson that cold dreadful morning and have not even gave second thought to planning another Black Friday outing, instead if I want to shop I’ll do it on-line. No hassles nor fighting with my fellow brothers and sisters. And this year I am very thankful for much but very thankful I am not imprisoned without pardon to the lures of “the morning after.” I am thankful that from my experience came good judgement from a valuable lesson of poor judgement to begin with.

Have you ever wondered why they call the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday? I think its fitting and matches the mood of all those mad shoppers where people will kill you over a $10.00 toaster. Doesn’t it make you mad thinking that for 364 days a year you are being overcharged and the one day they bring prices down is the very day the world goes dark and brings out killer instincts? I think the first mention of Black Friday was back in 1869 when two investors drove up the price of gold then the stock market went into free-fall bankrupting everyone, but if you do the research, you will find all sorts of different meanings of this dreadful day. But no matter what the real terminology includes, it’s a day I certainly will not celebrate by going shopping, instead I’ll be home in the kitchen whipping up new recipes from the leftovers.

To ALL my fellow Americans, here’s wishing you a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and for those of you who are planning to brave “the morning after” may you find peace in your endeavors on this so-called fun-reserved day where you will be barricaded to keep that peace while waiting for that magical moment when the doors fling open and mayhem takes over. And may the obsession of it all bring you happiness after emptying your wallets. But most of all, may you be safe and find all the deals your hearts desire…..

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