4:00 a.m. Visitation

I had a beautiful day yesterday with my family doing Christmas. We always do the big meal at home and watch movies together. I enjoyed getting to know my quilling present my son got me. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try my hand at for well over a year and now I am having a hard time putting it down. I love Christmas time and the real meaning we celebrate as I am very thankful God sent His son to us the most perfect gift to all mankind.

As the day was drawing to an end, I felt very tired and sleepy, I suppose from being up the night before cooking and getting the finishing touches taken care of. I laid down at 9:00 and fell asleep with no problems. Around 3 in the morning I was awakened with chest pains as it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I could not breathe and I felt a burning sensation in my throat it was almost as if someone was choking the life out of me.

If you know me, you know I have mitra-valve prolapse which is a condition with my heart. I was diagnosed with it when I was 18 and I also have issues with high blood pressure and the first thing that came to mind was, I am having a heart attack. I felt somewhat paralyzed and could not move and in my mind I began to talk to God. Rather than reminding Him of what He already knows about me, I just talked and thanked Him for His blessings, but He quickly reminded me of my devotion I had Christmas morning which was about healing and how Christ took those beatings and stripes for each of our ailments, then He reminded me that I am to command my body to be aligned with the word of God.

God has given us a measure of faith most of us don’t even know how to use or activate it and then we complain and question God when we don’t understand why we aren’t healed. I’m guilty myself but Jesus did teach that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed that we could move mountains. Now, in my opinion we should go back and study the mustard seed and realize it’s a very tiny seed and it has been said, it’s the tiniest seed around and if that be true, that’s not much to compare to and if faith is compared to a grain of mustard seed that’s not a big faith at all. So, why are we not being healed? Let me continue with my story.

After God reminded me that I was to command my body to aligned with the truth inside the Bible, I did just that. I turned my prayer into commands directed to what was going on inside me and demanded my heart and blood pressure align with God’s truths. I did not deny my sickness but it occurred to me we do deny those sicknesses have rights to be there. Sickness has no authority in me therefore I remember that my tiny mustard seed faith can move the sickness from my body and by taking that same faith and appropriating it with God’s word I demand my illness to respond to those truths God has given us and so I did! Immediately, the pain left and I felt God’s presence in such a way it was liberating and everything wrong in my body suddenly felt right. Today, I have so much energy and I feel like a brand new person inside.

I have always heard that at 3:00 the morning is the devil’s hour or witching hour and what Satan had tried to put on me came back to bite him in the behind because around 4:00, Jesus showed up and showed out! He touched that cord of faith and it resonated throughout my body and I commanded the devil to leave and commanded my illness to align with scriptures below that I have in my healing journal. Prayer is key to everything, but you have to take the initiative given you, the power and authority given you by God himself and use it. Stop telling everyone else to pray for you when you can’t even pray for yourself. Don’t take this the wrong way and twist it, I do believe in asking for prayer and I do sometimes, but my revelation of using my power and God-given authority on myself is priceless and it’s obeying what God commands us to do.

I do not know much about a witching hour or that it is the time of night when the supernatural is awakened, but I do know God’s supernatural showed up afterwards and He brought healing with Him. It’s time that we who have Christ in our hearts start doing what He said we would do. We have the power and authority of Jesus Christ why not put it to use? When Satan comes knocking, God comes blocking and when we resist the evil one he has to flee. I am forever grateful for my 4:00 visitation from God. He is the ONLY almighty Sovereign God and there is none that compares to Him! Call me a fanatic, a bible thumping nerd, a crazy off her rocker christian girl, a Jesus freak, one of those holy rollers, I don’t care for if you charge me of such crimes, then I plead guilty…

Exodus 15:26 “If you will diligently listen to the word of the Lord your God, and do what is right in his eyes, and give ear to his commandments and keep all his statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, your healer.”

Isaiah 58:8 ” Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.”

Jeremiah 30:17 ” For I will restore you to health, and your wounds I will heal.”

James 5:15-16
An the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another that you may be healed.”

Psalm 103:2-3 ” Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases.

1 Peter 2:4 ” He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.”

My 2019 Christmas Eve Memory

Christmas is the most nostalgic time of the year and I have wonderful memories of growing up smelling buttery cookies and watching the lights twinkle on the tree and of course that good ole tradition we shared in every year with the eggnog that I was not fond of. Oh how I love to rekindle those precious memories.

Then, there are those beautiful memories of my two sons, Ron and Daniel, that always brought so much joy to my heart especially their impatience to dive into opening their gifts and the smiles and happiness that made their mother shine with gladness. Then later came the grand kids! Oh how my heart smiles big and how I wish they would stay little for ever! There is nothing like family during this time of year but I feel strongly that family should be this wonderful every single day and it is in my little family and I am entirely thankful for this.

Last year, I made it to England and celebrated Christmas there. I remember shopping in cold wet December and watching people that were foreign to me share in the same joy we share here. The stores had lovely holiday displays in their windows in those old buildings that amazed me to no end. But one memory that I am fond of is that of when I visited an Indian Restaurant on Christmas eve, Roshni!

The day before Christmas is an exceptionally busy day in England and that evening Chris and I went for dinner to relax and enjoy each other’s company. He had told me about the Indian cuisine especially, the curry so I was more than ready to give it a try. But first, he insisted we go to The Black Lake Inn which is a wonderful British restaurant and Pub that Chris raved over, and being that I love old buildings it was absolutely a moment of endearment in more ways than one and this particular place seemed to be the place to go on Christmas eve.

Chris Mooney and Jane

After leaving the Inn we headed to Roshni. The Indian restaurant was located in the middle of a village and the light drizzle of rain against the Christmas lights along the corridor there made me feel as if I had stepped back into a different era of time. I stood looking around me before entering the building trying to absorb that nostalgic feeling. I felt so thankful to be there and my anxiousness was growing by the minute so we headed in and was greeted with the most outstanding welcome I’ve ever encountered and when the staff found out I was an American, things really became interesting.

Chris ordered for the both of us and we each had the Curry. This was a perfect place to commemorate my first Christmas in England and I am enjoying my little momentos through the photos that I took. It was my first time ever trying the Curry and I must say as my dad always said, ” it’s enough to make your tongue slap your brains out!”

I had never heard of papadum which is a thin crisp round flatbread that doesn’t have much flavor to it but when you pair it with the mango chutney it indeed takes the taste bud to a different level and the yum becomes the big YUMMY and I especially fancied this addition to the Curry and we ordered take out from this same restaurant a couple of times afterwards. I really loved the staff as they brought me a Christmas card which added to my already value of their impressive ways of treating their customers. I especially loved how Chris kept asking if the guys on staff wrote their phone numbers on the card. That indeed brought laughter to the both of us and the staff. I shall always remember this wonderful memory of Christmas Eve last year as it is still a very special moment in time for me.

Thanks for the beautiful memories Chris, here’s wishing you and your beautiful mum a very Merry Christmas from my heart to yours from this end of the pond…

Merry Christmas to all of my fellow earthlings near and far. May your hearts be glad and full of wonder.

Dying To Live

This is a story of my own encounter and revelation. Many have heard a tit and a tat of my experience but not the entirety of the narrative. Just within the past 72 hours have I come into realization like I have never known. You see, I am no stranger to test, trials and tribulations, but my perfect storm came suddenly and without warning. There was no forecast to even so much as hint to what I was about to endure and life would never be the same again.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made and just like you, I have a patent on my life. I am a trademark, my DNA is mine exclusively. I’m unique in a different way and for a different reason and have been given gifts that at times I wish I didn’t have but I suppose God found it suitable for me to be entrusted with them just like you and your gifts. Just recently, God made it clear to me that I needed to circle back to my identity in Him. During my storm, I completely lost my identity when I lost everything I owned including my mind. During this time, I almost lost my life as well in a car accident that should have taken me from this world but God had another plan and many lessons that needed to be learned.

On December 28th, 2017 the storm rolled in taking with it everything I identified with when I was told my job would soon come to an end. In January of 2018, depression made it’s way into my being and it was a very deep and dark place that held me hostage for almost two years. I lived with headaches, dizziness, fatigue physical and emotional. I suffered chest pain constantly and developed breathing problems to the point I had to tell myself to breathe. I suffered stomach and digestive issues and sleep was nowhere to be found. I even became hypocritical trying to pretend to be positive on social media all while I was a dead woman walking. My depression became so bleak I didn’t realize all my symptoms were PTSD related. But to to tell you I felt dead is an understatement!

When I look back, I see myself existing. There was no life and I had become a recluse and found comfort in my aloneness. Those that were close to me other than my two sons, seemed to disappear and in my heart I felt no one cared not even God. As I sit here still looking back, all I can see is a blur. There are no memories! No good, no bad just a lifeless house of clay existing. Mid part of 2018, I thought I had been rescued from the pit I was in. The ultimate scenario that would change my life for the better came along and gave me a moment of hope that I knew in my heart came from God above but it vanished as quickly as it came sending me further into my demise. I began to talk to God about my death. “I’m dead God! There is no life in me. What good am I to anyone here, I’m certainly no good to myself. I breathe but only when told to do so why not just take me home? What good can come from a broken vessel like me? I’m not fixable, I cannot be repaired!” Dottie Rambo wrote a song many years ago that fit my description to a tee; “this house of clay, is but a prison, bars of bone hold my soul.”

Just hours ago, my mindset began to shift and the revelation that changed my perception totally has brought with it a peace that well passes my understanding and joy has sprouted within me. During my time in my storm, I was certain my end had come, but little did I realize God wasn’t playing a trick on me nor was he playing games and using me as His pawn. The death I felt was indeed a death! God never had planned to lead me to a dead place and leave me there, in fact, it was a place of my new beginning but it was the place he planted me in the soil of life. To know God is to know that He is all about sowing and reaping. Everything is a seed and if you have any knowledge about gardening, you know that seeds are meant to be covered to die.

God saw in me what I could not see, therefore, he planted me not buried me! It wasn’t enjoyable being under that soil. He had me where I could not run as I tried to keep alive things in my past that were only hindrances, things that stunted my growth and kept me prisoner in a stale lifestyle. He did not condemn me to a graveyard which is what it felt like, but He planted me in richer soil for greater fruit. It has been a refining process in my life to say the least. I heard a pastor once say, “to keep a seed from being planted is to condemn that seed to never realize its full potential” which is why its a fact that seeds are meant to be covered to die and after I realized that God was giving me a new beginning, a new life, something sprang up inside me since that revelation was given to me, all that I went through matters no more. I now have an understanding of a bigger picture that is being laid out to me.

After I was given this revelation by God, someone sent me an email that was prophetic to what God was doing in my life. In the words before me was a clear dynamic of things to come. The person prophesying said unequivocally that I was now in transition after God was removing old patterns and methods, my old ways of doing things and ways of thinking. He continued to tell me; ” God is removing you from old assignments and mantles, severing old ties and cycles. I see him healing old wounds that you’ve carried all of your life and the trauma you have lived with then and now. God is installing a new identity, awakening new authority and preparing you for the promised land and “new thing” you have known was coming. You will wave goodbye to past limitations and begin to walk in new freedom and authority you have never known. You will walk in new anointing, mantle and sphere of influence where you will step into your office and begin to function in your new role, operate, dream and think differently. The dead season is over! “

I don’t have to tell you that those chains that had me bound fell from me! My exile had come to a halt! He continued telling me; ” You are receiving your new wings for your new season. In Isaiah 40:31 ( which is my life verse. How fitting is that?) it says, ” But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.’ You have been weary for a long time. You have been lifeless but now you have entered a new season where God is refreshing your mind, body and soul and giving you new wings to fly. When Monarch Butterflies migrate they actually grow bigger wings in the process. What looks like it should wear them down only increases their size. In the same way, God is using this migrating season to increase and enlarge you in ways you’ve never known or imagined. You have only known the weariness but not the soaring, the battling but not the breakthrough. However, now God is not only migrating you in the natural but He is migrating you in the spirit to a higher altitude.”

I never understood for a single minute that I was dying to live! But I fully embrace my new path and my soul now longs to soar on wings like eagles. I wanted so badly to believe in my past there that was something so much greater than I was seeing, but my imprisonment to my past only allowed me a very dim light. I wrote a poem in 2013 that I will close this blog with. But before I do, I want to invite you to come and invite Christ into your life and allow Him to lead you in paths of righteousness. Open the Bible and your heart and let His word be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. His word is truth! And you cannot go wrong with Christ center and head over your dominion. It doesn’t mean life will be perfect but it will be life-giving and peace, goodness and mercies shall follow you all the days of your life…

"Breath of morn lift your veil, reveal the kiss of dew,
Wash my tears, invade my pain, bequeath my heart renew.
Drift me to the place I seek, concede my path before me,
'Tis time that holds the purpose, pervading all human destiny."

by Jane Hardin December 16th, 2013

Dr. Prout

I was looking at my memories on Facebook and while looking through the beautiful photos of Chatsworth that I visited this day last December in England, I ran across some photos from several years back of a gentleman who would change my life in many ways. I met him in March of 2013 when I was hired to be his caregiver. He was 92 years old and was in his final stages of Alzheimers yet on his good days, his memory was sharp as a tack and he would tell me stories that are forever etched in my mind.

His name is Dr. William E. Prout but known as Bill to many of his close friends. I called him Dr. Prout . He was born on December 8th, 1921 in Huntington, West Virginia. He graduated from Russell High School in Russell Kentucky in 1938 and received his undergraduate degree from Marshall University before serving four and a half years in the U.S. Navy during World War II. His stories of survival during an invasion at sea while on the PT boat is one I will never forget. His life was spared when he prayed to God for help while the Japanese were shooting at the boat from the sky. A squall suddenly came up and they found refuge underneath the cloud where the Japanese could not see them. God answered the prayer that Dr. Prout prayed for he and his fellow navy men on that PT boat that day.

Dr.Prout was the Quartermaster on PT-191 in the South Pacific Campaign and earned the Presidential Unit Citation Award for Squadron Twelve, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with three Bronze stars and the World War II Victory Medal. He also served as an Officer on the Destroyer USS O’Brian DD-725.

After returning to the United States, he completed his Master’s Degree from Marshall University and went to earn his Doctorate Degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Texas in 1951 where he also became a Professor teaching Quantum Mechanics. Afterwards, he was recruited by E.I. DuPont to train at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in Schenectady, New York before transferring to Aiken, S.C. in 1953 to join a team of 30 chemists and nuclear engineers at the Savannah River site which was only three miles from where I lived when i lived in Aiken. This team was successful in helping build the hydrogen bomb before the Russians did during the Cold War. Dr. Prout retired at the end of 1981 from DuPont after 30 years of service.

Dr. Prout was also a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. His great, great grandfather, John Prout was a soldier in the War of 1812. his great, great, great grandfather, Willaim Prout was a soldier in the American Revolution.

The very first day I met this man, I was introduced to him by his daughter-n-law. “Jane, this is daddy Bill. Daddy Bill this is Jane.” I held out my hand and said, “Its an honor to meet you Mr. Bill.” At that very moment, he put his hands on his hips and I saw it in his eyes. I felt a rush of fear flow over me as he sternly stared me down hovering at 6 ft five inches over this 5 ft. 4 inch little woman. He quickly corrected me, ” I am Dr. Prout to you!” I swallowed the lump finally and didn’t realize what I was up against but my first thought was to run and run as fast as I can. I still laugh when I think about that first engagement between us two. But I did not run and I am so thankful that I didn’t! Dr. Prout and I became best buddies by the end of that day and during those nine months of being his side kick as he called me, we danced to the big band music he had a nice collection of. He read his mother’s poetry to me and would cry, so would I.

Dr. Prout in his Office reading his mother’s poetry.

The Alzheimer’s he was suffering finally took him down fast and furious in his last two months. I was the only one who could do anything with him as he would not allow anyone else to be near him. My heart was shattered when he left us and I will never forget Dr. Prout. I am entirely grateful for the opportunity that came to me when I wasn’t looking. I was only given nine months to take care of Dr. Prout, but before his death, he made me promise to take care of his wife after he was gone and I promised him faithfully I would. Therefore, I spent the next four and a half years taking care of his wife before her family decided to put her in a home.

The Messenger

I stared out the window into the darkness as the rain pelted against the glass with questions and even opinions overloading my mind. I had just read the beautiful Christmas story or should I say the story of the announcement made to Mary about how she would become the mother of our Savior. I grew up hearing this story over and over and each time, tears washed my face but never have I given thought to a character in the Bible who would deliver the message to Mary himself…

My mind wandered and tried to grasp a moment in time that would change the world, ultimately a moment when God Himself would incarnate himself into the womb of a virgin and come to this earth in human form. But it was not God who brought the news to Mary, rather He chose another divine being. Who was this infamous messenger that would be the one to step out to humanity and give the most important news man would ever hear?

“Gabriel!” I can just hear it now as God calls him to His throne. I see Gabriel flex his muscles and fold his wings behind him as he checks himself making sure he’s presentable. Maybe he was positioned at a different assigned post when he heard his name. I wonder! I wonder if Gabriel had any idea what His Master was up to, but being Gabriel I am certain he was accustomed to big jobs given by God and this would be no different. I can see him now walking around the corner and into the view of God. His heart beating fast and as he approached the almighty throne he bowed before His creator. “Yes, My King! I am here to serve!”

God looked down on His most trusted messenger and with favor He looked into the eyes of Gabriel and without hesitation gave him his assignment. “Gabriel, my earth is filled with faithless hearts and souls that do not perceive. This will be the greatest assignment for you as of now. There will be another in time to come but before that time, you are to carry a gift, a gift that will save the world. A gift that will change life as they know it, a gift that will bring life to my dying creation.”

Of course I am paraphrasing and making up thoughts as I see them in my mind but I see Gabriel on his knees looking up to God ready to do whatever is expected of him to do. By now, his heart is beating out of his chest and perhaps the joy he is feeling cannot be conceived by human mind. He was chosen to go to Mary to deliver this news that God found favor in her and she would bring forth a child from His seed and she was to call this child, Jesus. As I think of Gabriel and that great task given him by God, it brings more tears to my eyes just trying to conjure up such a moment as if he were being crowned the messenger of all messengers and what that moment must have meant for him.

Gabriel delivers the message to Mary and I have to wonder about the fervor and passion in his words as he stood in that portal between the physical and the spiritual in his brief visit for the purpose that would ultimately alter history’s course. I see in my mind a great swarm of light surrounding both Gabriel and Mary and I also see in the horizon many angels watching on, but this moment! That exchange between God and Gabriel is now the exchange between Gabriel and Mary…

There will come another day very soon when Gabriel will step out from the Spiritual and back into the Physical to deliver another message but this time it will be done through an instrument. He will blow his trumpet and those who have accepted Christ as their Savior will hear it and will be called away to meet Jesus in the sky. I feel my spine chill thinking of this moment in time that will certainly be a reality. One day soon, my heart’s desire is to hear that trumpet and to finally go home to be with Jesus. If I die before this time occurs, I will hear that trumpet anyway as the Bible says “the dead in Christ shall rise first.” But until then, I will smile thinking of this message Gabriel delivered to mankind. Oh how that must of have been a defining moment indeed…

Wackadoodle Legislation

Although no longer applicable, those old stupid or should I say dumb laws are still humorous and I find it fascinating to scour them from time to time especially when I need a good laugh.

I find this entirely amusing especially when I think about living in the southern region, that in South Carolina my home state, it is illegal to keep horses in your bathtub. Now my imagination has just sprouted a plethora of images especially in those older houses from way back that had no plumbing, actually they had dark, dingy 4 x 7 out-houses nestled 150 feet or more away from the house. I don’t think I have to explain why they were built so far away, you get the picture.

But these tiny, smelly out-houses had no bathtubs , in fact, I remember my Aunt Ploma, who lived in the back woods of Tennessee taking a whore bath from water out of the well heated on the stove in her kitchen. She had horses, cattle, donkeys, you name it. It was a true to life Little House on the Prairie, but she had no bathtub and this is the image I see thinking of those old useless laws. But in Tennessee, there is an ordinance that forbids anyone to sing the song, “It Ain’t Goin’ To Rain No Mo.” Keep that tune to yourself peeps it’s an oldie by Wendell Hall recorded here in the US but the Brits sung it in a 1925 FA Cup final and became a popular football song in that early era. And if you decide to belt out that tune just be warned… However though, if ever in South Carolina, please don’t bring your horse in for a nice bath. You will need bail money.

Let me share with you some of those funny laws here in our Country. In Vermont, women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth. Texas? It is illegal to sell one’s eye. Wisconsin went as far as making it illegal to serve butter substitutes in prison. In another southern state Alabama, it is illegal to wear false mustaches that causes laughter in churches. Now I remember women back in the day wearing wigs and when they got a taste of some Holy Ghost power falling on them, they would shout so hard their wigs would go flying across the room and needless to say, me the preacher’s daughter, the leading example of all the other young hoodlums, would be the first to literally laugh out loud. I could not help myself those fly-by-wiggings were quite hilarious. But I cannot recall any fake mustaches but I’ve seen real ones that would make one cackle a good one.

In Georgia, it is illegal to keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sundays. How about good ole Florida? Did you know if an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle? In Hawaii, coins are not allowed to be placed in one’s ears. Let’s go out West, in Arizona where it is illegal to keep donkeys in the bathtubs and in California if a frog dies during a frog jumping contest it cannot be legally eaten. Colorado claims it is illegal to ride a horse while under the influence. But one of my favorites is the Iowa law. One armed piano players must, by law, perform for free.

In North Carolina my neighbor state, it is illegal to sing off key. In that case, those jail cells should be over crowded. In Washington, a motorist with criminal intentions must stop at the city limits and telephone the chief of police as he is entering the town to inform him of his criminal plan and another dumb law there that supposedly still exists is you can be arrested or fined for harassing Bigfoot. Kudos Washington! I’m impressed. In Virginia, it’s against the law for a woman to drive a car in Main Street unless her husband is walking in front of the car waving a red flag. Is there a law for running over your husband?

How about those laws outside our Country? In China, a Buddhist monk is not allowed to reincarnate without the government’s express permission, oh my that might be bad news indeed for those monks who might be bored but in Scotland if you have to use the bathroom you’re in luck because the law says if a stranger knocks on your door asking to use the toilet you must let them in. One of the most ridiculous laws voted by the British citizens is the one where dying is illegal in the Houses of Parliaments but you can shoot a Scotsman with a crossbow upon seeing one, except on Sundays.

Now if you were to ask me, I cannot tell the difference between a Scottish man or British one. They look the same to me unless the Scot is wearing a kilt and God forbid if they are not wearing underwear underneath because the law says they don’t have to. Please dear God hold the winds to yourself, but if you do happen to catch a Scotsman drunk or with a weapon, he then can be shot on a Sunday. In Chester it is legal to shoot a Welsh person with a crossbow, as long as it is within the city walls and is done after midnight.

In the French town of Sarpourenx, they have had major issues with people just dying and expecting to be buried but the mayor there got fed up and issued an edict forbidding people from dying within the city limits unless they have already purchased a burial plot in the local cemetery. But for those who ignnore this edict and die anyhow will be punished severely. But the mayor stated how one severely punishes the dead is unclear. My sentiments exactly! I think that’s pretty unclear to me as well.

I think my all time favorite dumb law is the one Oklahoma brought into legislation many many years ago the one where they banned Whaling. Wait, what? I know that there are those who want to protect the Whales and it is a great idea, but has there been an issue with whales in the State of Oklahoma? If so, I need to know about this phenomena. I have been to Oklahoma and spent a lot of time there . Am I missing something here? I cannot for the life of me recall seeing an ocean in Oklahoma much less problems with whales. This state is nothing but land and the nearest ocean is over 500 miles away which is in Texas where it is illegal to sell one of your eyes if you remember. But it is also illegal to wrestle a bear in Oklahoma. Gee! That certainly makes life dull there.

These are just a few of the dumb laws I have found and wanted to share with you in hopes of conjuring a laugh or two. Most of these dumb laws leaves one scratching their head and whether or not they may have made sense during the time they were written, they certainly are questionable today and every state has one or a few of these so-called legislation’s. Some claims have been made that to this day some of those weird laws still exist. Go check out some of these wackadoodle laws for your self and enjoy….

The Ramen Experience

There are lots of shades about me that many of you don’t know. Today I am going to expound upon one of those colors that I love having full interest in. It’s a venture that I grew up learning from the best in my opinion, and both of my parents made great teachers and to this day, I carry on with the southern culinary tradition.

Today, I am going to share a very simple but delicious recipe I’ve conjured up that is loaded with flavors. It’s nutritional and under 400 calories, but very filling. It’s budget friendly and easy to make and basically it’s a stir-fry but definitely not your college dorm-room quickie. Mind you, I do not have professional culinary training and do not make claims of being a “culinarianist.” But I do have the kitchen experience with many many man-hours, and I will give credit to my college Chef, someone at the top of the Kitchen Hierarchy, Jan Nydell, whom also taught me many different variations of food use when I worked along side him in the kitchen during my college days. My mother and father taught me to cook and bake since I was very young. Neither of them were culinarians but were fabulous down home southern cooks and they both were very religious with flavors so it’s no wonder I have followed suit. I feel blessed to have learned what I know from great people. Let’s get into this…

Recently, someone asked me to give them a quick food recipe idea for one. I didn’t have to give it second thought as I have a favorite that I whip up for my self and it’s all about the seasoning. I never skimp on flavors. I use one package of Ramen Noodles, a whole onion, four baby carrots chopped up, three small peppers slivered, a handful of baby spinach and quite a few seasonings. Let’s talk about my seasonings…

We all know a seasoning is something you add to your food to enhance flavors and as you can see, I use a lot of enhancements in this particular simple dish. You may have detected by now there is going to be some heat, depending on your preference and amount used.

First, I chop my onion and I use a whole onion, (keep in mind that onions contain a lot of fiber and folic acid and is easy on the digestive tract and helps in supporting weight loss). Then I chop four baby carrots, three small peppers. ( ooops, in this recipe, I didn’t add carrots simply because I had used them all for thanksgiving dinner. )

Then I use a handful of baby spinach . Pour two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in pan, heat it up and add all veggies and seasonings to saute.

Now, don’t get over excited while you’re chopping, stirring and seasoning, you know, adding this and a little of that. You can go overboard. If you are like me you have a habit of tasting as you go. In this particular dish I use, Turmeric (1 tbsp), Cayenne pepper, Cajun seasoning, Garlic Powder (only if I am out of real garlic), Black pepper, Kosher Salt, Italian seasoning, Kikkoman Soy Sauce. That is a heap of seasonings, but it brings this dish to life and some of these seasonings will encourage weight loss.

While these veggies are sauteing in their seasonings and olive oil, this is how I gussy up the Ramen. I put one packet of Ramen noodles in a bowl of water in microwave for 1 and 1/2 minutes, then drain the water immediately as you do not want soggy noodles. Keep them firm! After three minutes of sauteing, add the noodles, and 1/4 cup of soy sauce along with the little packet of flavor seasoning from the Ramen Noodles. Stir constantly until your kitchen is filled with an aroma that makes everyone beg to know what’s cooking. This makes a great last- minute healthy solution rather than running out for fast-food.

This meal is spicy and you can alter the seasonings to your taste. If you know me, you will know I do not like Ramen Noodle soup. But to take the noodles and vamp it up is a different story altogether and I always keep plenty of Ramen in the pantry. My selection of spices and seasonings is aggressive in quantity but very meek in the amounts used. Just a sprinkling is all you need. This dish is easy as making ice cubes but if you are a lazy cook, this is not for you as the chopping will be the little work you have to put into it. But the finished product makes your mouth water and will fill you up and the best part is, it’s easy on the calories so you could actually double your recipe and there is no measuring except for the soy sauce and Turmeric. The rest is just a sprinkling. But allow me to stress my favorite spice, Turmeric.

This spice is used to make curry and this is what makes the curry yellow but I use it for the medicinal properties as well as flavor. There are ingredients in Turmeric that are very active and have strong antioxidants and this spice is great for inflammatory issues. The curcumin ingredient in Turmeric is also good for improved brain function and these are just a few of the benefits and trust me, there are many. Turmeric adds color but has a very warm and bitter taste which adds a uniqueness to any dish. Did I mention I use more of the Turmeric more than any of the other spices? I am sure there is a tablespoon of this wonderfulness in my dish.

I use Ramen Noodles in quite a few dishes that are quick and delicious. But only when I do not want to spend a lot of time cooking. Now don’t get me wrong, I love cooking complicated dishes, but this blog is about keeping it simple, yet delicious..

I hope you give this dish a try and let me know about your experience…