The Messenger

I stared out the window into the darkness as the rain pelted against the glass with questions and even opinions overloading my mind. I had just read the beautiful Christmas story or should I say the story of the announcement made to Mary about how she would become the mother of our Savior. I grew up hearing this story over and over and each time, tears washed my face but never have I given thought to a character in the Bible who would deliver the message to Mary himself…

My mind wandered and tried to grasp a moment in time that would change the world, ultimately a moment when God Himself would incarnate himself into the womb of a virgin and come to this earth in human form. But it was not God who brought the news to Mary, rather He chose another divine being. Who was this infamous messenger that would be the one to step out to humanity and give the most important news man would ever hear?

“Gabriel!” I can just hear it now as God calls him to His throne. I see Gabriel flex his muscles and fold his wings behind him as he checks himself making sure he’s presentable. Maybe he was positioned at a different assigned post when he heard his name. I wonder! I wonder if Gabriel had any idea what His Master was up to, but being Gabriel I am certain he was accustomed to big jobs given by God and this would be no different. I can see him now walking around the corner and into the view of God. His heart beating fast and as he approached the almighty throne he bowed before His creator. “Yes, My King! I am here to serve!”

God looked down on His most trusted messenger and with favor He looked into the eyes of Gabriel and without hesitation gave him his assignment. “Gabriel, my earth is filled with faithless hearts and souls that do not perceive. This will be the greatest assignment for you as of now. There will be another in time to come but before that time, you are to carry a gift, a gift that will save the world. A gift that will change life as they know it, a gift that will bring life to my dying creation.”

Of course I am paraphrasing and making up thoughts as I see them in my mind but I see Gabriel on his knees looking up to God ready to do whatever is expected of him to do. By now, his heart is beating out of his chest and perhaps the joy he is feeling cannot be conceived by human mind. He was chosen to go to Mary to deliver this news that God found favor in her and she would bring forth a child from His seed and she was to call this child, Jesus. As I think of Gabriel and that great task given him by God, it brings more tears to my eyes just trying to conjure up such a moment as if he were being crowned the messenger of all messengers and what that moment must have meant for him.

Gabriel delivers the message to Mary and I have to wonder about the fervor and passion in his words as he stood in that portal between the physical and the spiritual in his brief visit for the purpose that would ultimately alter history’s course. I see in my mind a great swarm of light surrounding both Gabriel and Mary and I also see in the horizon many angels watching on, but this moment! That exchange between God and Gabriel is now the exchange between Gabriel and Mary…

There will come another day very soon when Gabriel will step out from the Spiritual and back into the Physical to deliver another message but this time it will be done through an instrument. He will blow his trumpet and those who have accepted Christ as their Savior will hear it and will be called away to meet Jesus in the sky. I feel my spine chill thinking of this moment in time that will certainly be a reality. One day soon, my heart’s desire is to hear that trumpet and to finally go home to be with Jesus. If I die before this time occurs, I will hear that trumpet anyway as the Bible says “the dead in Christ shall rise first.” But until then, I will smile thinking of this message Gabriel delivered to mankind. Oh how that must of have been a defining moment indeed…

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