New Year Kick Off

I gave it much thought over the Holidays what I would do to make my new year my best ever. I did not make any resolutions because I do that on a daily basis. I learned in years past, making resolutions never was fully achieved throughout the year meaning I chalked them up as yet another year of unfulfilled success. I have started new eating habits back a couple of months ago that I have stuck with and I will continue to keep a close eye on that. I’ve vowed to try new experiences, and one I have recently tried will certainly be a part of my life until I die. Quilling!

I saw a video on YouTube back in 2018 that sparked my interest and finally this past Christmas, my son bought me a quilling kit. I remembered as a child I use to take paper and wrap it around my pencil to make scrolls, I must have learned that at school but I had no idea back then it was called quilling and it’s origin goes back to the 15th century and it’s believed that the French and Italian nuns decorated religious things like crosses and they sold these pieces to save money. I have fallen in love with the craft and am going full force with it.

I am new at this and it proves one needs patience or this is not for you. I have had some to ask me, what is quilling? Paper quilling is an art where you cut paper strips then roll them on a quilling needle then pinch the rolled strips into shapes, you glue the pieces together. To me, it’s like painting on canvas only you paint with paper. But it becomes more tedious when you are doing your own design. First , you draw your design on paper, then figure out lengths and sizes of paper strips you will need. If you do not have these strips in the quilling strips you purchase at the store, then you make your own meaning you need a paper cutter and cutting board. I do not have these things yet, so I am quilling with what I have in my kit, but my little crafting table is growing with other supplies I’ve been stocking up on.

Allow me to show you a few of my projects I’ve played around with and made so far. I have made several angels and snowflakes with different designs, and have sold some. I love quilling as it helps keep my mind off of things that tend to send me into depression so to me, it’s therapy and I think I might enjoy making a little profit here and there…

Some of these designs above are plain and simple, then there are those that have a “wow” factor. I’ve sold the snowflake above and the white angels. The orange one was just a practice piece that is actually missing a piece I accidentally left out, but I had already glued it together so that’s that.

These are my love cats and birds, this is also a practice design for a bigger project in the making.

I started doing crosses and fell in love with all the techniques that you can use to create beautiful designs.

I also love the flower techniques that I find absolutely incredible including roses that look like real roses which I’ll share my design in another blog as I have a few projects going on canvas.

I did a project last night that I call my “Lady Antebellum” that took a long time to create as it has layers I used to create dimension.

I have a project in mind that comes from a dream I had a few nights ago that I’m looking forward to creating. It will be done on a large canvas using acrylic iridescent paints for a background and the rest will be my quilling design. I won’t spill the beans just yet, but will save that for a later date. If you haven’t tried quilling and would enjoy a new hobby, then I highly recommend it, but beware, it will keep you busy for hours and if you have cats, well you can just imagine how creative they would like to get with your projects so keep them in a safe place.

Happy New year earthlings!

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