Happy Birthday Ron!

Ron K. Kennedy III

37 years ago today at this exact time I’m starting this blog which is 4:23 p.m., I gave birth to my first born, my son, Ron. He’s the third of a line of Ron’s and the only family member to receive a doctorate degree. He’s kind, witty, highly intelligent, thoughtful and very loving. He has a heart of gold and would give the shirt off his back. He loves strong and hard and protects those he loves. There is never a dull moment when he is around. He is a father of two, Nicholas and Trinity, and loves them both with all of his heart. His world becomes different when he has his children around, it’s as if nothing else matters.

When Ron was born, I felt that no one would ever love him as much as me, I felt the same when my second son, Daniel, was born. (More on Daniel when I do a blog on him on his birthday.) Before he started kindergarten, he would sit in the floor with an old computer and take it apart down to the wiring and put it back. I knew he was different and that he would be very intelligent. Such a proud mommy.

Ron has been involved in many big deals such as wrestling ( and was being watched by Vince McMahon) and was rising fast until his accident that almost cost him his leg. He’s preached on big stages and at Christian Rock events. And rubbed elbows with Celebrities.

Ron has a heart for those that cannot do for themselves, and has put together events where he gathered volunteers to fix up people’s homes.

He loves hiking and hunting alligators with his mom. He loves the beach and the mountains and I was very fortunate to show him the only standing cabin left on Huntington Island, in Beaufort, S.C. where my parents took me on vacation growing up.

Yes, this blog is mainly photos, but it is what it is.

But I love the special moments when we can share in each other’s time. There is nothing better to me than being with my boys. They are my life and the love is unconditional and I pray God will keep them safe always. Someday, I have to say goodbye but in my heart, I know we will be together again on the other side.

Happy Birthday Ron, may you have many many more and remember, your mother loves you to the moon and back a billion times over and nothing will ever take that away…

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