Don’t Dull Your Shine

Today has been one for the books. My mama always said, there will be days like this and of course I deal with it and go on. But I question those who feel the need to scrutinize your efforts when you want to put your best self forward and make yourself presentable. I mean, is it really bad that someone wants to give of themselves the best they can?

During my brisk, long walk in the cold today, I gave thought to those who criticize me when I post a selfie. There was once someone I was in a relationship with whom constantly down-rated my profile pics always insisting I was desperate for attention, yet he was constantly telling other women how beautiful they were and being a double standard in my opinion. I like changing out my profile pic and not keeping the same one up forever. It is social media you know, where people come on-line to meet and to catch up. It’s like going out for coffee, you don’t wear the same outfit and look the same every time you go out.

I have also had two other women in my entire life who have wanted to do my makeup for me insisting their way was much better, yet neither hardly wear any at all. What? Am I suppose to trust them when they certainly don’t know how to do their own upkeep? I should think not. It is my opinion that these women have a bit of jealousy and might consider me a threat in some way being that I like to do maintenance on myself. For me, it’s not about dominance and prestige, nor am I trying to seek attention for Christ’s sake.

When I do my make-up every morning, I’m not concerned with how people are going to view me for what I wear or how much. I do it because it makes me feel good! It’s fun, I love make-up and have since I was a child. I also love stilettos but had to give them up for a couple of years because of sciatica from working way too hard 12 hours or more a day, but I have returned. But how I fix myself up is an expression of who I am and it’s my outlet to demonstrate to the world the way I feel without having to say a word. Sometimes, I go fresh and natural, other times I wear a fierce lip, false eyelashes and just go all-out glam. We’ve all heard the old expression, “a little paint never hurt an old barn.” Maybe not the best idiom, but for some, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that’s including me, but make-up is also a woman’s best friend and some of us have a very close relationship with our make-up routine.

Makeup is also a way to hide things that we are not able to correct on our own. I for one have developed dark spots and yes, I am self-conscious about it, but the power of a good concealer is like manna from heaven. It’s a miracle and I do partake! Not once have I ever worn make-up to try and impress a guy nor will I ever do that, I do make-up because it is who I am!

For all of you women out there and young girls who are discovering the love, you are beautiful whether you wear make-up or not. Never feel pressured, only wear make-up because YOU want to and never let another woman try to knock your tiara off because she is insecure, or some guy who is controlling and jealous, because all this says more about the guy than it does you who is only trying to feel good about herself. If your guy is out there making every other woman feel good about herself other than you, time to rethink that relationship honey. Post your selfies and let the haters hate, there are those who will appreciate you and your efforts.

Girls, never dull your shine because someone else can’t handle it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make people think you are awesome because you are. To all you haters and insecure people, real happiness can be found when you stop trying to dull life for everyone else. Sweep around your own back door and take care of you and leave us to take care of our own selves. Here’s a selfie of me from yesterday and today, because I can…

Yesterday on my walk…
Today, returning from my walk…

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