The Encounter

This morning was peculiar. I shared my experience with my Facebook family and I did so with hesitancy expecting negative feedback, but to my surprise it was everything but…In fact, I was encouraged in ways that I needed and I received a confirmation through comments from several of my friends. I have had an encounter very similar in 2017 and 2018 and again today.

In 2017, I had just learned my job would end in February of 2018. Needless to say, my world began to flip upside down, and it did. However, right after learning of my demise, I saw a white feather in the sky one morning and in my heart I knew God was with me. I studied the meaning or symbol of white feathers. I learned they symbolize your angels are near and it also symbolizes faith and protection and it can also mean message of flight and freedom. That particular night, my cat Optimus Prime brought to me a tiny white feather and where he got it, I have no idea, it did not come from outside because at that time he was strictly an indoor cat.

But my encounter today involved white feathers and a hand print. Now in 2018, I had an encounter with seeing hand prints on my car windows that just appeared out of nowhere while riding down the road. Just a few moments later, I was in a very bad automobile accident that should have been fatal, but I knew instantly God had His hands or His angels hands on those precious moments when our lives were hanging in the balances. But this morning, they both appeared in the same setting and the entire incident left me scratching my head. Here is what happened.

It was 5:38 in the a.m. I heard an auditory voice call my name out loud. I turned to see who it was and I saw flickering lights like fireflies in my room and there were winged feathers all over my ceiling. I did not feel fear at all. It was a beautiful sight to me, but I jumped out of bed and went to the window to look out to try to debunk what was happening. While looking out the window, I noticed the sun was just beginning to shine some light, but barely. I noticed big dark clouds hanging above and figured it was getting ready to rain again, but I was left trying to figure out what I had just encountered.

I made my bed and went to shower, when I came back, I saw this hand print on the blanket on my bed. At the moment, it became unnerving. I called my son and he came over and put his hand inside the print and it was much bigger than his hands. My hand looked tiny inside and instantly, I knew it was a divine encounter. I was reminded of the car accident on April 22nd, 2018 when hand prints appeared on the car windows. After talking to my son, I began to wonder if I might be in danger today. I hesitated to post it on Facebook, but felt strongly I should. I did, and the results were what I needed to hear, or read.

My confirmation boils down to this; the hand of God has anointed me for something great, I am blessed and God has opportunities awaiting me. I, myself on my own am nothing great whatsoever but as God’s agent, He can do anything because ALL things are possible with Him. To Him belongs ALL the glory. My Father God has been waking me up in the wee hours of the mornings to encourage me Himself. I’ve gone through trials and testings that I thought were never ending. The fire has been extreme but I was not burned. The waters have been deep, but they did not rush over and consume me. The potter’s wheel has been painful and at times in my own words “brutal.” And through these past few years, life has been uncertain and nothing made sense. More times than not, I felt like I was free falling into nothingness and I suffered Depression on a major scale. Every night for the past two and a half years, I’ve cried myself to sleep. But now? I feel God is about to reveal His plan for me and I am ready to serve. I am not bitter at all but full of joy knowing God will use me for His Kingdom. Here is my opportunity again to ask you to join me in efforts to change our world for the better and for God’s purpose.

Be blessed.

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