In Honor of V-Day, My Personal Hallmark

Tomorrow is the big V-Day and many will share their love stories in honor of Valentines. I, myself, do not have a story to write about nor any good memories of love other than the love of my two sons, my grand kids and my cats. And above all, the love of Jesus Christ my savior. However, I am a romantic and love my imaginings where I draw my romance from especially through my poetry whether it rhymes or not. I am in no hurry to look for love as I am content with my life without it and if it comes, I will dance on the stars and kiss on the moon and pour my undying love all over the one who will be willing to do life with me all the way through eternity….

But for now, I have found solace in creating cards, along with my own personal hallmark imprinted inside for those who enjoy my art. I want to share with you some pieces I have made for others to give to that special someone. I will not share my writings because they are personal and for the one who paid me to write them for. As I create my art, (some designs not my own), I put my heart into it and it grows my creativity and inspires me to go over and beyond hoping the recipient will appreciate the work as well as the one giving the card.

I started quilling when I was young and didn’t know what “quilling” was. I’ve recently taken it back up and haven’t stopped creating since. If you are not sure what quilling is, its art made by strips of paper that you form into shape. I call it painting with paper. I’m attempting a very large project done on canvas using iridescent pastel paint for my background and will quill my piece of art to go on top. It’s my diamond in the rough so-to-speak.

But, I want to wish you ALL a very beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day and may your love for each other grow and never allow it to fade. Be true to one another never compromising nor taking for granted for those are the culprits that will cost you your love. I will leave you with a piece of my poetry as well, my personal hallmark…

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