Kennedy/Hardin Prospecting Part 3

I have learned so much over the past few months studying the minerals of the earth. I am highly fascinated by what our feet trod over and what lies beneath the surface. As I have mentioned before, I have always been intrigued with rocks and their formations, and how gems are found among the hard crust of nature. There is so much beauty below the surface and with the right equipment, you can discover some very beautiful treasures that have value to them.

We have not been able to get out and pan or mine for these gems or gold lately due to the rain and floods, but I have been sifting through the remaining mud and rocks I brought home from the last two runs we made. I have found white quartz and crystal along with a few small pieces of gold. I even found garnet. There are a few places we are waiting to go sift through, and I can hardly wait. But for now, I still have some more materials to go through right here on my patio.

You may be curious as to the value of quartz, maybe the white quartz I have found above. It really depends on your presentation of the quartz to a dealer. If it’s uncleaned mine-run specimen material you can sell it for around $4.00 to $6.00 a pound. But if it has been cleaned like mine above, it will sell for $8.00 to $10.00 a pound. When thinking about rocks, a pound isn’t a lot because of the weight. Quartz is probably the most common minerals in the earth and comes in an array of colors. How about a crystal? Crystals are of more value than the quartz. A small topaz crystal can run for $3.00 a gram. If you find a crystal that weighed 10 grams it’s value might be around $30.00 or more and a crystal in weight of 20 grams would bring you $100.00. You can see a few crystal gems above.

But how about that gold? Everyone wants to know about and see the gold. I don’t have to tell you the value of gold, but I will in case you forgot. For an ounce of gold it’s value is $1,605.95. For a gram it’s $51.63. For a kilo it’s $51,632.49. There is a lot of gold below your feet it did not go away during the gold rush era. I have found gold and am certain I will find more.

Gold isn’t just found in streams or old rivers, you can look in old dried up river beds that are rich with the substance and even in a rock quarry, underneath roots of fallen trees. But the best place to start is just getting out there and searching. Go to a stream and dig up some mud near some rocks and bring it home and pan that material. I promise, it’s not only rewarding if you find something of value, but it is fun and educational. However, you need to know the difference between pyrates (fools gold) and real gold and it can be deceiving. But with a few simple tests, you can distinguish between the two.

In the above photos of my wooden spoon full of wet dirt, you can see varying colors peeping through. But after panning the material, I came away with white quartz, crystals, a little bit of gold and garnet and other colored quartz but very tiny pieces. No, I do not pan with a wooden spoon, I do use my Garrett panning pan and a big scoop. I left my scoop in the car and grabbed a wooden spoon for my patio mining. It’s definitely a feel good sport and one I will enjoy for the rest of my days. I am not one of those who is into the healing factor of these gems, I just love the sport of it and the value it brings is nice too. But if you are one who loves the gems for the healing factors, then you would enjoy getting out and finding your own gems rather than buying them from someone else who dug it up. Until next time earthlings, Be Blessed….jh

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