Kennedy/Hardin Prospecting Part 5

My adventures have not been on hold, in fact, they have kept me busy and I have found no time to blog about it. The weather has not been cooperative at times, but as an outdoor enthusiast, it has not stopped me. However, when the rains dump excessive amounts of water into the equation it kind of parallels the water table elevations with my fear of getting into unknown creeks and rivers while playing roulette with my determination to over come such fear, which I must say, my son helps in that department. But, in reality, I do exercise caution and go with the flow, no pun intended.

This blog is mainly about the adventure itself rather than the mining aspect of what we do. If you follow my blogs you know about my bout with depression and the battle it has been, but since hitting the trails, this has been the best therapy for myself. I hike the woods to get to streams, that alone is a benefit. The fresh air paired with a nice view has more positive effects than any medication can provide. Some of the terrain I hike may not be suitable to some, but to me it is educational on many levels and re-learning the earth has become paramount in my life.

Its amazing and entirely relaxing walking through the woods listening to the birds chirping, whistling and trilling as their echoes bounce from tree to tree while frogs and toads are voicing their opinions. Then there are those different species of trees and ferns that call out to me to stop and take notice while the creek rushes through her sanctuary. The sights, sounds coupled with fresh air certainly take charge and becomes the best place to be for serenity.

Sometimes in nature’s preserve, you come across things that cause a tongue-in-cheek moment. Questions start forming and curious minds began brainstorming. On our last mining adventure, we came across a couple of such things. We found what looked like a hut being constructed and the first thing that popped in my mind was “Blair Witch!” If you have ever seen the movies, you will understand my reasoning. In the photos below, you can see what I mean.

Then we move forward and find remains of some kind of animal that had rather large teeth but had been out there in the elements for a long time. It saddens my heart to find such things as we also found a coyote that had just been killed by another animal , but that is the nature of the circle of life. We respect the animals and do not try to disturb their territory, but we are cautious and are armed with protection in case we are threatened with an attack. There are bears in these woods and they don’t like surprises.

The area we’ve been working is high in quartz materials and I am almost convinced we have found a vein. The quartz crystals are amazing and I have even found a quartz crystal arrowhead. there are hints of citrine and emerald along with possibly sapphire mixed in the lot while so far, we have only found hints of small materials in the creeks. Even in the winter, we get a few warm days here in the south, and shorts and walks in the creek are permissible. I always say, a family that plays in the dirt and water together, stays together! That’s what we do and we love it!

But of course, I can’t end this blog without showing you some of our gifts the earth gave us. I’ve said it many times before and I am going to say it again, there are riches underneath out feet and the only requirement to getting to these riches is a little knowledge of the area and how the river flows and a willing to dig in it. If you are looking for a great adventure with your family, try panning in the streams. Your kids will love searching for gold and other rocks and stones that are beautiful. Who knows, you may get lucky and strike it rich. But I warn you, once you try your hand at gold mining, it will become a hard habit to break. Here is wishing you wonderful earthlings many happy trails it beats being electronically saturated with your devices. Be blessed…

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