The Kentucky Hardins….Twist of Fate

Many years ago, I set out to learn about the lives that came before me, and try to conjure up the history, core identity and cultural background and for the most part, where I came from in my genealogy line. I had been told all my life that my dad’s side of the family originated from Scotland. I tried to find this information on but was unable to find anything remotely close to those rumors. Today, my nephew, Jim Hardin contacted me and informed me of his interest in our family tree and he was able to trace the truth of our heritage. What I learned was mind boggling and explains a lot about myself in general, Let me explain:

I do know and understand that immigrants from all over the world came to America to start new lives. I learned what my history involved, including my relatives who came over to start new lives with another culture engraved in the bloodline. If my dad were alive today, he would be surprised to know the truth of his heritage. I am sure there would be loads of sensitivities vying to argue what he was told and knew to be truth. He was determined that his ancestors came from Scotland and was led to believe this all his life. The truth is, his ancestors did not come from Scotland, they came from France.

When I heard this my mind was blown and immediately I began to understand things a little better about myself. In fact, my ancestors came from Normandy, France and we are French! For some odd reason, when I was in High School, I studied French for three years. I had always had a special interest in speaking French and didn’t know why. I suppose, it was in my blood. But now, I get it.

My nephew was able to get a straight line from my father to a man named Martin Hardewyn who was from France in the 1500’s. Martin Hardewyn ( our surname went through different spellings down the line) left France because of religious persecution and went to England with two of his brothers and one stayed in England, and Martin and his brother came over to the States and settled in Virginia. I was able to trace some history back to Virginia years ago but that was as far as I got. Then Martin evidently married and had a family he moved from Virginia to North Carolina then to South Carolina where I am from. His brother who came over with him moved to Kentucky. The Hardins suffered greatly as it was a bad time for them.

According to history, the Hardins, or Kentucky Hardins were on their way to pay on the land that they found ( which is now downtown Louisville) but were attacked by Indians. My nephew sent me a link about the Kentucky Hardins that is over 150 pages long. I will do research to learn more about these relatives of mine. But if I remember correctly, my father told me that there were prospectors in the family which explains my love for rock hounding and digging for gold.

I find it amazing the twist of info that is pouring into my knowledge now and the truth is finally being realized. When I was doing research years ago, I kept coming across William Shakespeare. I kind of gave up on that nugget for a later time, and I think now is that time to pick it back up and dig more. I do know that I love poetry and write a lot on my Dreamtini page on Facebook. I have not been able to write lately because of two books I’ve written and other things I’ve picked up like the gold mining and my quilling art I’ve picked back up. I’m not saying I am related to William Shakespeare, but during research, his name kept popping up during genealogy studies. Who knows! But for now, I am going to dig in to the Kentucky Hardins and learn what I can about them.

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