Living In The Now

As I write these words, our world is in a wild spin-out and survival is becoming paramount. Covid 19 is on the rise in my Nation and there are a lot of folks who are not taking it serious. No one is exempt from this plague and we should adhere to the new regulations being ordered for us to quarantine. I myself have been in quarantine for almost two weeks. I must say, it’s not been easy for this avid outdoor lover. However, I have been outside to pull weeds that have grown unorderly. I have hiked in the woods in my back yard just to keep from going stir crazy but I have not been around other people other than those living with me.

Each day has it’s own repercussions. I received a letter from the bank as payments are due, but there is no money to cover these payments. I call the institution and learn they are working with their customers during what they call a national disaster. They are prolonging payments for three months for that, I’m very grateful. WordPress has been pushing me to pay for my yearly subscription. What bad timing! I certainly can’t draw blood from a turnip and they don’t seem to understand, but that’s okay there are other blogging sites and this one may end very soon.

Rent is due on the first. I will have to deal with this as I go. I struggle to pen or type the struggles we are truly facing. Food supplies have been scary as people who do have money coming in are the first to plunder the grocery stores and not being considerate of others. I have had to sell things for money as my business took a huge hit and left me to survive the best I know how. Today, I applied for food stamps. My tears reminded me that we should take nothing for granted and our pride means nothing in the face of uncertainty. Due to the nature of this plague, I was accepted and feel blessed that now I can possibly go find food other than leftovers we live on day to day until there is no more. It’s humbling in every aspect of the word to do what you have to do to survive. But I am not the only one and our spirits aren’t dead as we find ways to cope, occupy and deal with life minute by minute.

An elderly friend in her 80’s came over yesterday. She too has been in quarantine so she knew it was safe to come to my house. She took me out in the back yard and taught me how to make the best of survival. We picked Dandelions and I must say it hurt my heart to pluck them from the ground, but my friend taught me that Dandelions have so many wonderful nutritious values and she taught me how to make dandelion tea with what we harvested. It’s so easy and the benefits are remarkable. She and I enjoyed some hot dandelion tea together that she had made before coming over. Seemingly, it has had a calming affect and perhaps lowered my blood pressure which is a huge plus in my life.

These little things that the older ones have used and continue to use today no longer remain in the vaults of their minds. They are sharing their knowledge and know how and for that, I am also very grateful and blessed for their wisdom and resilience for survival. Be safe everyone. Heed the warnings and take precautions but please remember, there is nothing too difficult for God!

Be blessed…

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