A Ray Of Miracle

This crisis we are in is on a mass scale and life will never be the same again. It will reorder our society to rearrange itself either for the better or worse. So far, the financial crisis has taken its toll and we are doing things we never thought we would have to do. I’ve already mentioned about our business taking a huge hit in the last blog and it’s been devastating to my family. But we are resilient and will bounce back maybe not like we were before, because things will be different, but we will adapt to whatever is needed to be adapted to to make it. People are already separated from their jobs and friends, and that alone is shaking up our economy.

Today, I have two stories to share with you from yesterday’s events. I got out yesterday for the first time and went into a public place. I’ve been faithful to stay home and self quarantine with exceptions visiting in my back yard and hiking the woods. But, we needed groceries and I had no choice but to go. Everyone seemed spaced out, kind of like a zombic outbreak. They looked dazed and would not make eye contact, perhaps exhausted from the worries and burdens we have been forced to carry. No one was smiling and I suppose I wasn’t either. I tried to make eye contact so I could project a smile into their lives, but it was like a scene from a horror movie and everyone was in a different space and time. I went about getting the things I needed being very careful not to hoard. The shelves were being stocked, but food was flying off the shelves just as quick.

On my way home, my phone start going off from an emergency alert that had just been issued. The warning was that tomorrow, a state wide lock down would take place at 5:00. My heart skipped a beat only because it felt weird and so surreal. Today, my oldest son called the City Council to complain about stores price gouging and people roaming the streets as if nothing was happening. The Council told my son that today, April 1st, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. our State would enforce a State wide lock down. Just something about those words is entirely unsettling and it hit me hard and I thought, this is it. This is very real. My mind began to race about what will come next. However, my faith and trust in God is strong and even though we all are facing these strange moments it’s human nature to wonder and be curious. It’s not a lack of faith or trust. It’s reality and we must adhere to it. I just pray my people will obey the laws of the land, the new laws and just stay inside and be safe.

Now, I guess you are wondering about the title of this blog and what miracle I might be talking about. Yesterday before going to the grocery store, I called my bank about transferring the $2.73 to my new account that only had $0.69 cents in it. I had that money in my old account that was fraudulently hit and had to be shut down back in February. It’s not much money at all, but it’s something. After the lady was looking through my accounts, she saw something. She was looking at a savings account and told me she saw where there was $500.00 on the ledger account. I stopped her and told her I did not have a savings account, she then put me on hold, then came back and said I have good news for you.

In my mind I began to think about the scripture in the Bible where it says in Psalms 37:25, “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread.” She began telling me that over a year ago, I had signed up for a savings that I had totally forgotten about. But I had never put money into it, but she continued saying that the interest accrued and left me with exactly $500.00. She said, “Miss Jane, looks like someone has His angels watching over you.” I became so excited and could not contain the well of tears that flooded my face. I could not speak. She then told me that it is legit and there is $500.00 siting in your savings and with my permission she was going to transfer it to my checking. I did not think twice. We both laughed, we both cried. I told her she was the angel God sent. $500.00 may not seem like much to some as it did not for me over a month ago before my business was hit, but now, it is a huge bag of wealth and that is how I got to go to the grocery store.

I have still been trying to figure out where that money came from. There was only one penny put in there by the bank when I had opened the account a year ago. I really don’t see how interest could have grown that much in a year, but God has reminded me, “that those who wait upon the Lord they shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles and soar. They will walk and not grow weary , they shall run and not grow faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)That’s exactly how I felt yesterday after hearing this good news. My spirit within me wanted to soar and I might have danced a little by the overwhelming news, but it was indeed a miracle. I kept almost half for myself, and gave the rest to someone in need. I am not pinning roses on myself, but I feel strongly we are to come together in this time and help one another. God blessed me with a beautiful peace and reassured me that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I could not keep this to myself, I had to share.

Be blessed and be safe…

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