Random “Lock down” Thoughts

It’s Friday, April 3rd, 2020. A lot has happened this week alone. This pandemic has altered so much of our lives in so many ways. Nothing seems to fit anymore and it’s going to take some getting use to. It feels like life has been put on hold and I am just sitting here awaiting instructions to the next phase. It is really sad actually, and these four walls seem to know me very well by now. At times, it feels as if they are slowly closing in on me or worse it feels like a cage. It even feels like a lockdown within a lockdown whatever that is suppose to mean.

Still, there are those who are not obeying the corona laws and for that reason the police put up barricades at ends of roads to check your license and ask for a permission slip from your job meaning that is the only reason you can be out at night, coming from or going to your place of work. The Stimulus package has yet to be given to any of us after finally getting it passed. Many are without jobs, now money. We can’t sell because no one is buying and we can’t buy without the funds being available. I have had to lay aside my pride and apply for food stamps but now our State has claimed there aren’t enough funds in the bucket to help everyone in need.

It’s grim and growing worse by the day. However, I am thankful, beyond thankful, that a miracle happened to me this week which I explained in my last blog. It’s keeping us afloat for now. But I am not losing hope. I dare not lose hope. It keeps joy inside my soul. However, these uncertainties are growing daily multiplying faster than we can try to solve. There is rumor of another strain of this virus leaking out. But there have been mounds of rumors and we just sit and wait for anything remotely good to come our way, and I am believing it will. In the mean time, it really isn’t impossible to live under this lock-down law not for me anyway because my kids are grown and married and I cannot imagine being locked down with little ones who can’t go out. I am pretty sure they would be bouncing off the walls and I guess i would be too.

I do stay busy reading, quilling and playing with my cats. Let’s see, there is Anubis, Gray-boy, Lilly and Leo who are the indoor cats, then Shakespeare, and Velvet who demand being outside and they all are my pride and joy and each has their own personality which makes it very interesting at times. I do not watch much TV unless I watch something on YouTube being that TV is not fit to watch anymore. I especially love watching Jeremy Wade. I wonder if he is married? (scratches her head and hopes he is not.) I have this new-found crush on him and that British accent, well you get the drift. However, he is very entertaining, brave and keeps my mind off of the negative things that fight for my attention.

I will close now. I have some art I need to work on. My prayers are for our world.

Be blessed!

P.S. My eyes filled with tears as I closed my blog all while trying to swallow that lump that seems to want to stay right there in my throat. Please be safe !!!

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