Another Quick and Easy Recipe

I have so much to blog about, but today, I am going to share my little simple, but addicting tasty toast recipe. If you know me, you know I love the kitchen and cooking up recipes that are simple and not so time consuming. I’ve always been a very busy person up until March of this year when Covid-19 changed our lives. Therefore, I never had time to spend in the kitchen cooking up big meals, so cooking small became my new norm when my kids left the nest.

I’ve had one recipe that has lingered with me for years and has not changed or been edited with new additions. However, I have tried different versions but they each have their own personality so-to-speak and this one is my favorite. I call it, Feta Toast.

I use rye bread it is my go-to bread because of the nutritional value it offers and I love the taste. After toasting the bread in a toaster, I cut in half a clove of garlic and rub the half clove straight on to the toast. I love using the raw garlic as it provides more powerful tastes rather than sauteing the garlic and it adds bigger nutritional value that is good for you. After rubbing the garlic on the toast, I then add my own pre-made herbed butter. It’s made with basil, garlic, and Parmesan. ( These herbed butters are simple to make but be sure to use fresh herbs.)

After generously spreading this butter, I add the crumbled feta cheese. I love feta cheese! It’s soft and crumbly (brined cheese) and is made from sheep and goat’s milk. Feta cheese has been around for centuries and if you love greek food, chances are you have partaken of some feta. I sprinkle black peppercorn pepper onto the feta cheese then drizzle a little dab of olive oil over the feta. I use extra virgin olive oil as not to give it a strong olive taste. (In this recipe, salt is not needed). Then I sprinkle chopped pecans, you can use pine-nuts but to me the pecans go well with the feta because the feta has a hint of sweetness to it more so than using goat cheese which I use on other toast recipes. After I sprinkle the pecans, I layer the toast with fresh uncooked spinach leaves.

This quick and easy recipe resonates a delicious savory treat. You can try it with many different options, like sun-dried tomatoes but I like that paired best with the goat cheese. Don’t use plain white bread. It does make a difference if you use a bread with a little more body, flavor and texture and the rye offers that, yielding pong but the choice of cheeses used brings it to a different level. Not to mention, the rye bread is loaded with rich flavor, and is also the highest fiber filled breads around and gives your gut a good ole loving. Give this recipe a try and find out for yourself just how good and satisfying it is….

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