The Faceless Beast

In this blog I want to share one of three dreams I’ve had recently. I have recorded them and have thought about it over and over whether or not to share it, but I believe in my heart it is now my time to talk about it so here I am to do just that:

” And in the last days it shall be, God declares that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” ESV Translation

I have seen many videos on Youtube about dreams of the coming of Christ and other things concerning the end times and wondered if I would ever be one of those who would experience such a dream or vision. Actually, I have! I have dreamed a few dreams and recorded them because they weren’t normal dreams to me. However, they are not dreams of the coming of Christ, nor of the pandemic, etc. These dreams are of something that I have had to pray about to understand, and experience on my own. After my experience I went through, God let me know that the experience is exactly what my dreams are about. Please keep an open mind and be prayerful and try to understand my sincerity. I did not rush to reiterate what the night visions were putting in my head, but now is the time….

The dream

It was very dark. The only light around was that of the moon breaking through the deep forest trees. There was a building and a few people gathered there. It may have been a church, I am not sure but we were leaving the building going to our cars. My oldest brother (a church minister) was walking with me when suddenly I heard rustling in the bushes occupied by voices trying to be very quiet. I told my brother I was going to check it out. He stood there smiling very warmly as if to be telling me through his smile I had his approval. When I walked over to the area of the commotion, I saw children in sleeping bags. They crawled out one by one dressed in rags what little bit of clothing they had. I saw fragments of old, stale, moldy sandwiches scattered about and my heart sank within me.

I told the children not to worry I would get them help and food right away. The oldest child looked to be around nine or ten years old. He stood staring at the ground and appeared very frightened at what he was seeing. I asked him had he lost anything, he just whispered, ” the snake is here.” At that moment, I didn’t think much about what he said, I was too worried about getting them fed and clothed. I turned to my brother and told him I was going to get help and shelter for the children. As he was still smiling, he told me,” don’t be afraid, you will be fine. I’ll leave it to you to help them. I need to go to my wife she needs me now.” (at that time in real life, his wife had covid-19.)

I turned back towards the children and by this time, all six of them, were looking at the ground intently. I became concerned. I looked down as I heard crackling of the earth and the ground began to shake violently. Through the huge opening of the ground slithered out a snake. It slowly slithered around me, then the children, and the words my brother left me with came back to my remembrance, “do not be afraid!” I then told the children the same, “do not be afraid!” Suddenly, the snake took strike pose towards me. I stared at it and to myself, I prayed. I prayed with power and the snake knew I was praying then hissed at me with the most vile hiss I have ever heard, then as it was staring at me with very evil eyes, it slithered away. I gathered the children and took them inside the building and there were those who took the children to safety and they were no longer afraid.

My dad, (also was a minister before his death) was there in my dreams. Usually when I dream of my dad He is representing God and thus it was the same in this particular dream. He told me to come with him and not worry about the children anymore that they would be just fine. He looked me in the eyes and said, ” Janie, (that’s what he called me) don’t be afraid, but you need to learn something very valuable and I am about to teach you.” We left the building and got into my car. I was driving and as we were driving out of the forest, it became very bright as if night had turned into day. I was driving down the interstate but there seem to be a mist all around us. As I drove down this highway, I noticed people began to pull their cars over to the side of the road. I started slowing down and watching them. They looked like they had fallen under a spell as if to be in a strange trance. I then saw a woman walking down a hill towards her car. I pulled over to ask her what was going on. She didn’t speak but tried to smile which was very faintly and efforted. I started feeling weird and could not remember why I had pulled over. I was becoming confused, maybe like the others.

My dad immediately spoke and said, “get back on the road of light, you have become confused like them. Do not look to these people for they are under the spell of Satan.” I quickly snapped out of the trance I was falling into and got back on the road, soon that road became a familiar road, one I used to travel a lot in a different place I lived a few years back, a place where my surroundings was always beautiful and I loved traveling this road, and did many times in my waking life. I noticed my mind was no longer confused and I felt at peace. At that very moment, it became dark again and we were back in that deep dark intimidating forest. My dad looked at me with loving eyes and said, ” do not be afraid, you know who you can trust. Do not let that trust fade and you will be fine. Do not allow fear to take foot in your heart and you will be victorious.” Then he disappeared!

I started looking around for him, I saw no one and began to feel exactly what he told me not to feel, afraid. Then, my brother-in-law appeared. ( He too is a minister in real life.) He just stood there beside me as if to be protecting. (Not long ago I told someone parts of this dream. He also is a minister, he told me he felt that my dad, my brother and brother-in-law represented the Trinity of God. And it made a lot of sense to me, therefore, I too believe that). My brother-in-law had a gentle smile on his face as he stared out into the forest as if to be on watch. Then something caught my attention to my left. I looked and it was my sister walking slowly up this dark road. She looked like she was in a trance and very confused. I looked at my brother-in-law and said jokingly, “there goes a Pharisee”. He continued smiling. Then after her, I saw more people following. They looked like zombies. They walked slowly, with their heads hung low saying nothing but were very confused and seemed to be in a trance.

These people following my sister were religious people, legalistic, hard core judgmental people and set in their ways. I recognized many of them and it saddened my heart and I wanted to cry out to them to help them, but my brother-in-law then spoke. “Do not be afraid. Do not be dismayed. Do not allow what you see to fall into your spirit or you will also follow behind those who have been veiled with the spirit of distraction.” It felt like something jolted me spiritually and I felt empowered. Then, without warning, the ground began shaking and crackling like before, then out of the opening a huge snake began to push his way through the soil. It was a luminous white snake. Very big from anything I had ever seen. For some odd reason, I could not take my eyes off of it. It was not scary to look at and I was beginning to like it as I saw that it was very beautiful and pleasing to my eyes.

My brother-in-law then spoke and said, ” do not be afraid. Do not look upon this evil for with it it brings a different kind of beauty one that captures your attention and draws you into it’s lure. It will deceive you! It will lead you away from the truth! It will lead you astray like the others!” I began to pray to God. I was honest about how I felt. “God, please hear me. It’s hard for me to look away and I cannot do this on my own. I do not want to be like the others, please save me.” I continued saying “save me” over and over as I watched the snake slither into a stream. As he was slithering in the water, it began to grow even bigger as if the water was giving him power. I started feeling like I could take my eyes away from it. God was hearing my prayers and suddenly, I saw the most beautiful light in that very dark forest. I felt like I was speaking in an heavenly language and woke up speaking it….

This dream came at the end of a period I was going through. I reached a place where maybe about three weeks total, I could not pray. I could not read my Bible. Every time I tried, something would grab my attention and became a distraction I allowed. So I began to ask God to help me. I knew I was falling away and quickly. Then came the dream. Right after, God spoke to my heart and said there is a spirit of confusion and a spirit of distraction claiming the minds of many of my people and they don’t even see it. They will start falling away and falling under the spell it brings with it. I knew in my heart I was one of them on the brink. I want to tell you, there is a spirit of confusion and distraction that is very real. It comes in many forms. It comes to kill, steal and destroy your lives. I believe in my heart, God gave this to me and now I am sharing it with you.

If you are reading this, maybe it is meant for you to see. I have two other dreams that I am going to share later along these same lines. I pray that if you, like me, seem to have fallen under this spell, that you will reach out to God now before it is too late. I do believe this is going to get worse and it is a trap from Satan himself. Be aware! Be strong! Do not be ashamed of Jesus! Keep your hearts on God. There is a much stronger spirit developing. I feel it. It’s going to be a bigger distraction for a lot of you. It will steal you away into it’s grips and it will be almost impossible to break free from. It’s here and already spreading throughout the earth. I feel strongly this faceless beast will find you in your weakest moments. In your weakest area of your life. In your most vulnerable moments. Be vigilant. Be aware! Be prayerful!

God bless you all…

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