Treasures Revamped

Lately, I’ve had a trove of creative ideas bouncing around inside my head and I went searching through my supplies just to see what I could find. Tucked away behind some boxes on the shelf was a bag. I opened it and found an old little treasure. It was a soap and lotion holder from many years ago that I had kept for some odd reason. In it’s day it was a nice copper-finished metal piece, but it had faded over the years in that bag and became dingy, rusted and tarnished, and simply put, ugly! It had seen better days and was now ready to be put away permanently. But instead, I decided to look it over for a bit.

I had just finished a tree branch I had painted for a wall in the studio and remembered I had a little metallic/silver spray paint left over. I cleaned the metal container and allowed it to dry thoroughly. After it was completely dried, I took it outside and painted it. I watched as the transformation began. My only regret was not getting a photo of it before painting it to share with you.

I love the intricate design of this old container and the metallic/silver brought life to this piece. I was thrilled with the color and its new transformation, but to me it needed more. So I went outside and got some small twigs from the woods and painted those silver as well. I also had some silvery iced floral picks I had purchased from The Dollar Tree and some diamond trim and large gems I purchased from Hobby Lobby, and my mind began to brain- storm. I first glued on the large gems, then the diamond trim later. I began attaching the twigs together and glued them to the container.

It really did my heart good seeing this old tarnished piece of junk come back to life. The possibilities were no longer limited for this find, this newly awakened beauty. The gems I had added were enough to stop there but it seemed to beg for more. Adding the twigs and berries gave it that perfect character, but I also added a couple of little flower petals that I had also painted and “voila”!

Never underestimate the beauty of fallen treasure! This project has been possible only because there was a need to create, but it was already created. I just did the make-up and added a new dress.