Cats Cotton Balls And Ideas

Cats are wise, lovable, mysterious, quiet, adorable, soft and the list goes on but these aren’t the only characteristics that they have. When I was writing my fist novel, I had twin cats named Optimus and Rodimus Prime. They both were faithful and loyal to the nightly gatherings at the computer where they tried to sneak and type when I wasn’t looking. It was quite frustrating then, but when I look back I can’t help but laugh at their sneaky, clever little ways that I can’t help but admire. I remember one occasion, I had a phone call, and when I finished I turned back to my computer to find two paws on my keyboard, one on each side while the two cats laid innocently behind my laptop. I looked at my screen to find an entire paragraph of letters and numbers and two very not-so-innocent green eyed Japanese Li’s staring back at me from either side. They recognized the tongue in cheek expression and both scattered quickly. It’s worth mentioning, my novel is dedicated to them. Below are the Twins.

Rodimus Prime on the left, Optimus Prime on right

Two days ago while removing nail polish from my finger nails with cotton balls I had an idea to make a snowy Christmas tree. I gathered all the supplies I would need and placed them neatly on my desk. I always place everything neatly when I began, but my cats rearrange everything when they make their entrance. This day was no exception! I no longer have Optimus and Rodimus, but I do have 10 rescue cats that we take care of and four of them are inside cats. In saying that, you must be asking yourself how do I get anything done? The answer is simple. I don’t! It doesn’t matter what I am doing, writing, doing arts or sitting quietly sipping on hot tea, one of the four from their elite circle comes for a visit, sometimes two at a time, they clear a space on my desk and make that space their own . Allow me to introduce you to them, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Lily and Grayboy.

our oldest cat, Hemingway
A brother and sister, Gray and Lily

And they all occupy the right side of my desk when they please.

I will do another blog about the cats later, but now I want to share a little bit of my creation. I explained above my idea of making a snowy tree from cotton balls, so after the cats each had their moment of glory, I was finally able to tackle my project. I won’t go into much detail of how and what, I just had a moment that lasted all day or two where I created four small Christmas trees to decorate the studio with. God only knows, it needs all kinds of love up here.

I started with the snowy cotton ball tree.

It may look like like a mound of marshmallows that’s delicious enough to eat, but the cotton balls really outweighed my expectations. I also used a candle holder, red sequins, silver glittered berries and silver flower petals all from my tree branch projects from previous blogs. But I did not stop here.

The above tree is made from pearls, lace flowers, some jute and jingles, bling trim all on printed Christmas music paper shaped into a cone. This made a really cute cone tree and gave me many different ideas to make more, in fact, I made two more cone trees that are made over candle holders like the cotton ball tree. One, very simplistic, yet elegant tree made from white paper doilies, pearls and topped with a small, gold glittered ball ornament and the other was also made from cotton balls, sequins and the printed Christmas music paper and a quilled, blue snowflake. It looks more like an upside down ice cream cone and I’m fine with that. Although I am not into whimsical that much, sometimes you just wind up with something totally different than what you had planned especially when you’re working as fast as you can to try and finish, you know, working against the clock!

After working on my Christmas delights and trying to entertain the cats that were determined to take over my projects, or perhaps my attention, I stepped back to snap a photo.

This blog is ode to the kitties that never cease to amaze me, make me smile and bring so much joy into my life…

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