Fight For Sanity

I hear your portentous roar as you blast my last ounce of peace
Leaving thoughts scathed, only to conspire my joy to incessantly cease.
Once a trickle, now your favoring gales, pursues its course to kill
Relentless force, dark clouds churn, your felon winds no longer still.

You blot my mind into a dark canopy above my culminating sights
This ineluctable arraignment within my being is the trying hour I fight.
The storm continues his grim seduction drowning me in the depth of darkness
Where lies my strength in this pinnacle of time, renounced from my tender catharsis.

(If you suffer depression, don’t stand in the fury of your storm alone. Don’t wait until you’re bent from the beating of its thunder where you must crawl your way out. We can’t control nature’s fury, but we can control the horrific winds of depression by reaching out for help. I have suffered a very deep dark pit where longing to die was my prayer. I tried to reach out for help only to be told “just snap out of it!” I learned I could not trust my sanity with just anyone, for not everyone understands depression and you need safeguards whom you can trust to throw out that life-line when you need it. If you are a sufferer or know someone who is, don’t be afraid to ask for help, it could save your life).

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