This Side Of The Daisies

As I stare at my omnipresent cellphone quietly giving it thanks that I don’t have to bother with it when time goes through its change, it makes me feel some kind of way. I hardly wear a wristwatch anymore, but have welcomed the smart watch that actually sits in the box it came in, rather than on my arm. I purchased it because of the fitness tracker feature and I liked the fact it did more than just keep time. I think I was really bored that day when I purchased the watch, needless to say, I’m not that impressed with the little gadget, but how can I be when it stays inside that box?

Talking about time, I remember this time last year, walking into the house from a gold-mining trip with my oldest son only to get the disturbing news we had just entered a lockdown. Covid-19 made its debut! Even though its been around for a while, Covid decided to go global. Little did we know our business would shut down, toilet paper would become a necessity hard to find anymore, and our lives would change. And boy, did it!

We learned to appreciate fresh air and ” I don’t have time” had become an outdated excuse. We accepted the fact that those conversations about who does what and when it needs to be done was no longer on autopilot but we all agreed that we should survive! During this time of uncertainty, I reflected on many things, especially things that were very important to me and understanding “quarantine” finally became reality. I dove into my bible studies and it has helped me to reconnect to my spiritual side. I embraced the time allotted me to work on my arts and share them with my surrounding neighbors. I even recharged some old batteries in my physical being and started a work-out routine that I have been faithful to and its paying off.

Just like many of you, I have experienced many ups and downs this past year and at times, I really couldn’t see the sun for those dark clouds which hung around for quite some time. I have given much thought to those who have lost their lives to this dreaded pandemic and the lives of those who were left to grieve such a horrible loss. But many people were left to cope with sudden death, and there were those who are left with the haunting grief and sadness from not being able to be with their loved one as they breathed their last breath. These images stick in my head and brings tears to my eyes as I understand all too well the gripping fate of losing a loved one more times than I care to mention.

However, I am thankful that we made this far even though we lost so much, we didn’t lose each other and the value of life is so precious and priceless because we do not set a value by material possessions, our successes, titles, etc, even though our government seems to put an economic value of life upon us, the real value comes from within, from our actions and attitudes, the wisdom we learn as we grow then pass it to our children, how we live and how we love but most importantly, how we learn about our own value, our worth and how we contribute our lessons in the lives of others. Its not what you were born with but what you choose to do with it. None of us know exactly where this year will take us, but we have the lesson we learned from last year to remind us to love whole heartedly and never take for granted our loved ones, our friends, our planet.

Every morning I remind myself to be happy that I opened my eyes and feel the breath of my cat, Lily breathing closely in my face reminding me it’s time for her to eat. I am so thankful that I get to write about things while sipping on hot tea and trying to explain to the other cats that I don’t need their help writing my blog. I am so blessed to be on the other side of the daisies and I feel honored to be given this time that I can work on and improve myself to give back to God who gives me life and my fellow earthlings whom we all share this same big rock and make my time something worthy of giving an account for when my time comes to stand before God. But until then, life goes on……

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