Return To Sassafras

After a grueling long year of hibernating under restrictions of Covid-19 and trying to breathe through those dreadful masks, I was more than ready to get out in nature and enjoy the enthralling brilliance and refined beauty that exists on our planet. I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have in my back yard, well, practically in my back yard, regal landscapes fit for a Queen. Blue skies that canopy mountains with a bluish color from the isoprene released into the atmosphere contributing to the haze on the mountains thus giving them their blue hue, and this is why they are called the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachians Mountains.

At 3,563 feet in elevation, and a very windy day, I was able to hike and take in fresh air and grab some beautiful photos all while going solo. When you’re alone you can take your time, observe, discover a living and breathing environment as birds make their distinctive calls while other mountain creatures scurry about inhabiting their territory. I keep in mind its their domain and we are allowed to visit and while given this honor to be a part of their environment, we should take note of how unprejudiced and content they are to cohabitate without retribution to color, race and any other factors that we humans seemingly have forgotten about. I must say, there is a wealth of understanding to be learned from our fellow creatures of the land.

The following photos were taken by me with my handy dandy cell phone camera. Not the best by any means for photography but being that my GoPro was empty of its SIM card, unknowingly, and all those photos taken were not there, the cell phone has to suffice.

As you may know by now, I cannot create and write without one of the cats being part of the equation. They all are fascinated by the laptop, maybe the brightness of the light or the clicking of the keys, whatever it might be, there is always one of the cats here to offer their contribution and help for each piece. This blog is not complete without giving completion its due respect. Today, due respect goes to Miss Lilly, the Queen of the cat lair here in the foothills of the those blue mountains…

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