Defender Of the Defenseless

I’m just a small voice in a huge universe. I’m not talking about the voice of conscience, that wee tiny voice that fights for moral sense, I’m simply stating a fact that I am not known, I’m unheard of, in layman’s terms, a nobody, but 1 Corinthians 1:27 tells me that God chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, He chooses the weak things of the world to shame the strong. That can also apply to those like me who are dust in the wind, God can choose the unknown who are willing to take a stand and be heard. I am not saying, God chose me to be the voice for this platform I’m about to speak of, but in my opinion, it should be all of us speaking up and speaking out against a holocaust on a mass scale against unborn babies.

Abortion, just the mere mention of that name sends chills up my spine and as long as we have breath in us, we should be fighting this form of genocide because we will be held accountable before God, both in this life and in eternity. I speak boldly and loudly through written words that fear of disapproval of others is not an excuse. We will be held accountable for those fears. These unborn babies whose lives began at conception can’t speak for themselves and if we do not speak up for them then we should prepare to answer a question on the last day and realize now that there are no reasons more important than the lives of those who did not choose to be conceived in the first place. The very lives God created in His own image, the very lives God breathed life into.

Proverbs 31: 8-9 ” Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; defend the rights of the poor and the needy.” The question here is who is more poor and needy and incapable of speaking for themselves than those tiny humans who are being stripped of legal protection and are being murdered at the rate of one million per year? If we don’t speak up then who will? My next question is why are many Christians trying to make peace with abortion? We are Pro-Life not peace makers for murderers! Planned Parenthood is not our friend! I read an article today that said Planned parenthood’s goal is to make sure that the next generation of young Christians will be those who will make peace with abortion. This is an evil scheme. We do not , DO NOT make peace with evil, and killing babies is evil.

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Like me, you are probably asking who these Christians are that are opening their doors to Planned Parenthood and why would we open our doors to America’s leading killer of pre-born babies? If you will recall, Planned Parenthood was caught red-handed chopping up recently-aborted babies to sell, to make a profit for their organs. This should bring tears to your eyes and anger should sprout up inside you because this kind of evil is as evil as it gets. How did Planned Parenthood infiltrate the Christian community with such influence as that where a Pastor (and I am going to mention names), Pastor, Dr. Willie Parker is now promoting his memoir, Life’s Work and he says and I quote, ” I believe, as an abortion provider, I’m doing God’s work.” What is his reasoning for this? He convinces Christian women that this is a “quick fix” for moral failings and he has cozied up to Christian college administrators and school Presidents to sell this idea and Planned Parenthood jumped all over this idea and are now focusing on colleges and universities targeting Christian young people to make them believe abortion is ok.

This IS NOT ok! Satan has got his foot in the door putting that last nail in the coffin for pro-life movement. This is where the rubber meets the road. We cannot sit down or sit back any longer and allow this to take root. We need to slam this door and do it now. We need to stop this insanity the insanity that a Pastor preaches that he’s doing God’s work by promoting abortion in the name of “quick fix” for moral failings. I am furious! I am heart broken! I am disgusted! I am calling on churches to take a stand and stop sitting back and allowing this genocide that is now being done in the name of Jesus. How dare you bring this disgrace into the Christian community and allow it rather than stopping it dead in its tracks. Dr. Willie Parker, I come against you. You are wrong and you are in danger of hell and if you do not turn from your wicked ways and repent, you will spend eternity along with your new buddies from Planned Parenthood paying the ultimate price for your sins!!!

When deliberate steps are taken to end life, its called MURDER! And when we kill them mercilessly and sell their organs for harvesting, or use their tissue for lifesaving does that really make sense to kill for profit or kill to save? Now abortions are being done just within a week of delivery and they throw out the baby. Do you honestly, wholeheartedly think God is pleased with this? Do you really think God is upstairs applauding abortions because of moral failings? These little lives have the very breath of God in them and Planned Parenthood wants to profit because they do not value life nor do they value the lives of those mothers who are being convinced to “quick fix!” I met a lady several years ago who opened up to me about an abortion she had when she was younger. At the age of 58 she still is haunted by her choice. She cried bitterly wishing she could go back and change that choice she made and give birth to that that precious soul rather than destroy it. She attended the church I attended at that time, and she went to the altar every service begging God to take away the pain she was left with. Prisons are full of people who killed someone and they are full of regret. Most women I have met who have participated in abortions, are full of regret. There is an effect that becomes a mental burden when we prize death over life, its a burden that follows you the rest of your days.

If you are a woman who is considering an abortion, I ask you to please reconsider. It may seem like a “quick fix” now, but your life will be full of regret, there will be no peace and you will be haunted by your decision and heartache will be the garment you wear for the rest of your life. Planned Parenthood is not going to tell you this. To them, its more about padding their pockets than telling you how beautiful it is to give life to another human. There is no greater human love than that of a mother’s and children bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. Maybe you have had a moral failing and as a result, you find yourself pregnant. I beg you not to turn to Planned Parenthood for help. There are organizations who will help you throughout your pregnancy and when your child is born, if you still choose to give up your baby, then these organizations will find a good home for your baby. Someone gave life to you, please don’t consider abortion, it comes with a price and its a heavy, heavy price, instead give life and allow God to heal you from the choices you made.

-Jane Hardin

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