Another Dream

For the past few weeks I’ve been battling double pneumonia and because of this intricate set-back I keep my Bible and a copy of Pride and Prejudice in the bed with me. However, my Bible gets most of my attention but I can’t help but be succumbed by Elizabeth’s feeling for Darcey and the stubbornness she portrays so well……… Ok! I know! I’m not going to indulge in my shade of epilogue on a story we all know too well. But nonetheless the book lies next to me.

I do want to share the dream I had last night. It was quite disturbing, yet ended with me feeling like I was leaving my body and I woke up with tears soaking my face and the name Jesus rolling off my lips:

It started with me and my family and a lot of friends gathered in a place that looked like Charleston, S.C. We were eating and laughing and talking about Heaven and how soon it would be and we would be there. The birds were chirping like I’ve never noticed before as if they knew something. The wind blew through the trees as if to be awakening them. I’ve never seen this before in nature and it caught me by surprise and I stood to my feet and felt something wasn’t right. At that very moment, the beautiful sunny sky disappeared and dark clouds rolled in fast. It began to rain. It didn’t start out lightly it came in viciously and within seconds, water began to rise around us.

We ran to our cars and I noticed there were those who became so afraid they froze and refused to run to safety. I was driving and all I could say was, “As it was in the days of Noah so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.” That’s from Matthew 24:37. I drove to a huge bridge and as I got closer, I saw the bridge collapse. I turned and headed for high ground. I looked in my rear view mirror and buildings were already collapsing behind me. I kept driving until I came to what appeared to be a canyon. There were many people there. The rain had stopped and they were happy and full of joy. They ran up to the car and told us to get out because we were going to fly. I didn’t understand what they meant but I opened my car door and as soon as my feet touched the ground I could feel something happening in my body. They told us to run to the edge and not be afraid. They started running. So did we. I remember feeling so powerful and when I got to the edge I was not afraid at all and taking that step over the edge sent me flying into the atmosphere. I looked back and the world was smoking and was in chaos. I then turned to see all the people flying through the atmosphere and I looked beyond the masses, and to my amazement, there was Jesus. I felt my body transforming and I wanted so badly to beat everyone there and I yelled out JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! All I could see and feel was love like I’ve never known and then I woke up.

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately, and they have been along these lines. I remember looking back to earth while flying through the atmosphere and there were so many people I knew that claimed to be Christian, yet they were left behind. There are so many who claim to love Jesus but it was so generic, more like lip service. There was no substance to their words and their testimony did not line up with their actions. There is a difference between knowing Jesus and knowing about Jesus. You can share a photo of a man with long hair and loving eyes perhaps holding sheep or children and we know that’s Jesus. But it’s not the same in knowing who and what He really is.

To truly know Jesus is to deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Him. Many folks don’t believe in God nor do they accept the fact His Son died on the cross for our sins. Eternity is real. Its imminent and we are sitting on the precipice of what awaits us. The bible says, “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess” that He is Lord. Even the most hardened atheist will bow and say those words in the very near future. We are in waiting right now and we need to get our house in order. We are living on borrowed time and God is giving us ample opportunity to make the choice between heaven or hell.

If you do not know Him, now would be a good time….

Be blessed!


2 Replies to “Another Dream”

  1. Glad you are getting better as pneumonia can be so draining.

    I agree with you about people that post a photo of Jesus that say if you don’t do X Y Z then you don’t love Jesus. Me, I think of Jesus or God or what ever people may call him as a friend that I talk to when I am happy, I thank him for the sunrises or not having trouble going to the bathroom.

    Hope you get better soon 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. Jesus is my friend, He sticks closer than a brother or friends we think care for us. He is my building light and helps me through many things…..thank you for sharing your comment. I really do appreciate it. Yes, pneumonia is rough, but I’m also living with two others who have tested positive for Covid. I tested last week and it came back negative but the nurse called and thinks I tested too early and wants me to retest. I cannot smell anything nor taste anything now and even drinking cold water burns my throat which is weird.

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