Shackles Of The Darkness

This is a letter, perhaps a revelation to my scattered brothers and sisters who like me, thought we were as good as dead. We have felt like we had truly lost ourselves in the past few years especially since 2021. We’ve had many hardships to endure and battles to fight, and a hard truth that if we didn’t keep our heads on straight we would never survive. Then for many of us a time where death wanted to claim our very lives or where death did claim the life of our loved one and it was feeling like a vicious cycle that we could not free ourselves from. I’ll do my best to put into words through fragmentary thoughts and truths the experience I had early this morning. In retrospect, God has had me plastered against the potter’s wheel for four years now, remolding, reshaping, rebuilding that which He desires me to be. It’s not been easy at all. There have been times I prayed for death in it’s reality rather than just mere words. In fact, I reached a point in my life just very recently where I cried out to God, ” I feel like a part of me has died, I feel like I have died inside, Lord this pain inside me is overwhelming and I am exhausted!”

This morning, I received a prophecy in my inbox. As I read the words, instantly I knew this was directly from God;

” I heard your words and saw the tears that accompanied the depth of your prayers. I heard you when you said you felt like you have died and you felt dead inside. I heard you when you said the pain inside felt overwhelming and you were exhausted. But I have seen your tears and heard your utter groanings from the deep pain from the place of brokenness you have lived through. I know your grief and feeling of emptiness and loneliness. I’ve seen your disappointment, hopelessness and the trauma that has taken root in your very being. I know your dreams have all died, your passions have died and I know you have not been able to dream again. But I know that the enemy has tried to beat you down. He knows you have a destiny and he feels threatened by it. I will move in swiftly and suddenly upon you not only to revive you but to resuscitate you and reset you. There have been those in your life that have turned against you, those who betrayed you, therefore I had to remove them for they were a hindrance to your destiny. People have talked about you and mocked you because they are full of the spirit of jealousy and they are blind to what’s coming, and to those who place their trust and faith in me I will renew their spirit and prepare their hearts. But those who mock my name and choose to believe that I do not exist, those are the very people who will wander the earth in total darkness, groping about without discernment and believing only those things that tickle their ears. My daughter I am giving you a breath of fresh air a breath of new life. You will live again and your tears of sorrow and brokenness and your tears that have been shackled to your inward death will turn to tears of joy. Go forth in My Light and live. Your tears have been stories that no one else would dare to live through but they will read about. But now, I am doing a new thing.”

At that very moment it was as if I was carried away. I saw darkness all around me. Pure darkness! There was nothing there, but I stood in that total blackness all alone. I could feel it. It felt like death. Finality. It felt like the darkness I’ve been living in the past four years. I saw no hope, and felt that feeling of utter despair I began to feel that death all over again. It felt familiar something I had become accustomed to feeling and therefore I didn’t bother giving those tears permission to fall. Suddenly, I heard sounds of rushing waters, like waves crashing all around me, then the sun broke through. It was pure gold and it didn’t hurt my eyes to look at it. It was rising quickly and the light emanating from it’s source shown on my surroundings and I found myself standing in the ocean. The blues and greens were stunning and the white foam swirling around my feet felt refreshing as never before. I felt waves wash over me filling me with hope and life. Instantly, I felt the presence of God. I knew in my spirit He was refreshing me with life, a new life. I felt surrounded in the spirit by a sense of transformation and a reviving fire. The death was being washed away and I felt tears bursts its banks but they were not tears of death, but tears of pure joy. For the first time in a very long time, I felt alive!

I looked upward, and the sky was dressed in the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. Bright and vivid, so many different hues and I felt myself wanting to fly high because the presence of God was washing over me, around me and through me. I raised my hands and began to give praise to our Father and then I heard the Lord speak into my spirit, ” it felt like the end to you, but its a New Birth! These trials and afflictions you have been passing through were to refine your character because you will need to be resolute for the days ahead. Everything you have been through will bring a rich fulfillment of My promises from within you. They have been sealed up to be released and birthed in my perfect timing. No matter what at this point forward, you will be victorious and will come out of everything unharmed. When you pass through those waters you know I am with you and you will not be burned when you go through the fire. Walk in Victory, walk in Triumph for the time is coming that those who have not believed in me and those who have believed and turned away will see the light in a whole new way and they will run to the light and be set free from the enemy’s shackles of darkness. Stand firm for I am doing a new thing and everyone will see…..”

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