My Easy Peasy Pasta Recipe

Passionate and expressive, I love to portray those emotions when cooking. However, there is that paradox of the right ingredients and those of personal preference. Of course we all have different tastes, but there is that blazing new found glory when you try something new, something you’ve come up with yourself.

I love cooking period. I especially love going all out and making my table a smorgasbord of delicious homemade foods, that’s the southern girl in me, but then there are those times when simplicity and a short measure of time come into play and it has to be quick and simple and this recipe offers just the thing for you to try.

Here is a list of the ingredients you will need:

Penne Pasta, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt, pepper, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley, fresh chives, thyme, sage and dill. A jar of Tostino’s Queso Blanco Dip 15 oz, chicken strips and you’re good to go.

Here are the measurements and recipe:

Let’s begin by prepping. I find it easier to prep my ingredients and have it readily available. First put your water in your pot for the pasta and add salt I use a little over a teaspoon. I usually make an entire package of pasta, people love to eat around here including myself. While your water is heating up to boil, thinly slice 3 cloves of garlic and chop up 1/4 cup of curly leaf parsley you will need to coarsely chop this. Just a reminder, coarsely chopped means larger chunks while finely chopped means smaller yet larger than a mince. Coarsely chop 1/4 cup of flat-leaf parsley and finely chop 2 tablespoons of fresh chives, 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves and finely chop 1/4 teaspoon of sage and set finely chop a 1/4 teaspoon of dill. You can opt for the herbs in a bottle if you don’t have the fresh. Salt and pepper to taste.

Put a little oil of your choice in a pan and fry up the chicken strips. I buy those already cut up and packaged. However if you really want to bring out some amazing flavors, boil or bake a whole chicken with the bone and once it cools, take off the bone and use the chicken in the dish. But I keep it simple by doing the already packaged strips. While the chicken is frying, add the garlic to it as it marinates into the chicken and oil. It’s quick and easy. (Now when I fry up my strips I coat them with Turmeric and cumin, salt and pepper. that of course is optional but it does add lovely flavors to the chicken.)

Once the pasta water begins to boil add the pasta and cook until it’s al dente. Drain the water off and add a tablespoon of olive oil and stir it in. Add all of your chopped herbs and chicken strips. Open the jar of the Tostino’s Queso Blanco Dip and pour over the pasta and mix well. Voila! Easy, simple, and delicious and very quick. Give it a try and of course you can make this your own by adding whatever seasonings, herbs, pastas and sauces. Rotisserie chicken is also great to use in this dish and very flavorful. Sometimes, i even add italian sausage with the chicken.



I Have Returned

With all the turbulence, sufferings, confusion and being locked down, life changed as I know it. Depression tried to over take me and that alone has been a raging battle on it’s own. I have encountered many stages of this new change such as grieving, missing the former days but I have also encountered blessings from my Father God above. He has promised never to leave nor forsake me and you during this time of uncertainty. It’s safe to say that this new feels like how people describe by-polar syndrome. What happened to us? Where did normality go? What’s next? What’s ahead for us? There are so many questions and still no answers.

I stopped writing and even stopped editing my new book because now, I have to change it. It’s not fitting into the new way of life. Someday soon, I hope to find the courage to return to the book and finish it but for now, I’m back to blogging.

I mentioned earlier that I have gone through a season of grieving. I reached a point I could not pray effectively nor read the Bible with clarity. Everything has been a blur and nothing has made sense. The former ways of life has passed away and the new is being ushered in. There are those who are saying the new will be better than the former things, but I beg of those to be alert, watchful and use wisdom during these restless times.

My country has fallen and we have entered the last of the last days. If you know me and have had this conversation with me in the past, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But my grieving included sleepless nights, a lot of tears, a feeling of not belonging, a feeling of being lost and alone. The USA was once thriving and a great nation to call home. We were a light on the hill, a beacon if you will to many nations, but now? She’s unrecognizable! It tears my heart from my bosom to think of where we were to what and where we have gone. It feels like losing a loved one knowing you will never see them again on this earth.

Now, I just sit and ponder on what’s next. I have made up in my mind that no one will force me to take a vaccination. No one will force me to choose evil over good. No one will convince me that there is no God, the only one true God. If and when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, I will die for my cause and my belief. Jesus died for us ALL to save us and to offer eternal life with Him.

In the last couple of months, I have had encounters, too many to mention in this particular blog, and dreams that are now beginning to make sense to me. I do believe God speaks to us in our deep state of sleep and He gives us dreams and visions. One particular dream that has reoccurred three times has been a mystery until now after much prayer and seeking wisdom from God. I am praying about sharing this dream, but I feel it needs to wait until the right moment whenever that moment may come.

Before ending this blog, I have sold out to Christ and I am not turning back no matter what. This world holds nothing for me any longer. My future is set for the wonderful day of the Lord when He returns to take us home. However, we will come back to earth for a thousand years according to scriptures and all things will be made right. Until then, until the day we go home, I urge you to not fall for the entrapment’s being set by Satan himself . Be diligent, alert always praying for wisdom and knowledge. The great deception is upon us, it’s right here right before our eyes. Don’t be deceived and lose out. If you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, this would be a good time to repent and make Him Lord of your life. If you are not sure just how to do this, feel free to ask.

Be blessed my friends.


Palm Sunday

I feel ashamed of the confession I’m about to release. I’ve never been one to observe Palm Sunday, Passover and Easter. Not that I ignored it and pushed it out of existence in my life, but because when I was eleven years old, my middle brother who was seventeen years old at the time, drowned on Easter Sunday, April 22, 1973. It was a tragedy that changed my family’s life instantly and ever since, Easter has always been a reminder of that dreadful day to me. Today isn’t Easter but it’s coming and I’ve already begun that familiar mental reenactment. But I have asked God to help me and give me strength to remember the real meaning of these days and so far He has been faithful in helping me.

At 3:30 this morning, God woke me from my sleep, yet again. Seemingly, it’s becoming a thing between He and I. But quite honestly, I am digging this bond between us and look forward to His revelations He shares with me. Maybe I should just stay up and save Him the trouble, but what fun is that? After awaking me, He took me to Zechariah 9:9. If you know anything about the Bible, you know that Zechariah is part of the Twelve Minor Prophets. Chapter 9 verse 9 reads; “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

To many, this may not seem much, but to me, it means everything. When Jesus went into Jerusalem, He usually went to celebrate the feasts and He visited quite often. But His last visit was paramount and had/has a very special meaning attached to it. Early this morning, God showed me the fronds of a palm tree. In what I was seeing, I saw many hands waving these branches which was a mark of the people rejoicing and then laying them on the street as if a red carpet was being rolled out before Jesus as He rode in. People were shouting loudly, “Hosanna!” In the Bible days, war waging kings arrived on horses but Jesus asked His disciples to get Him a donkey. He was not riding into Jerusalem to wage war or as a war hero, He was coming in as a humble King of peace. Jesus was being celebrated by the people for raising Lazarus from the dead therefore hailing Him King of the Jews.

I began to question God and try to understand what He wanted me to understand to the best of my understanding but that’s when I din’t hear from Him again. sometimes I become frustrated when He leaves me hanging like that, but I have learned from these experiences before, that He gave me a mind to think for myself and that what I needed to know would soon be understood.

I asked myself, “what if Jesus was riding into my city? What would I do? What if He came now during this plague our world is facing, what would I do? Tears filled my eyes because firstly the donkey to me and by nature is a stubborn animal like most of us humans are which is why the word “jackass” is a popular name some call each other, which is also another name for a donkey. I thought about Jesus going into Jerusalem on this final time. It was near the end of Israel’s 400 years of slavery in Egypt. It also commemorates the date the Israelite’s past through the Red Sea when God redeemed them from slavery meaning that during Passover which we are in now, has always represented a transformative event and is celebrated every year. Also, this was Christ’s final week of life on earth as He was about to face unheard suffering, crucifixion, then resurrection. I still could not come up with something substantial to what God was teaching me.

I continued to dwell on the events of Christ during that time and I thought about the plagues during Passover. The last and final plague was the most disturbing and shows that God gets our attention one way or another. Plagues were sent to the land of Egypt because of their great sins especially their worship of creation rather than the Creator. God is firm when He says. we must not have any other Gods before Him. God made clear He alone IS GOD! I went through the plagues, the Nile River being turned into blood, frogs filling the land. Masses of gnats, flies swarming over the people and just one fly is enough to drive you nuts. Then the disease of the farm animals and people breaking out in boils and blisters. The sky became black as it was filled with locusts and it became dark for three days, the worst storm ever in Egypt.

God was giving the people ample time to listen to Him, some did but Pharaoh refused. So God was about to unleash the most dreaded plague of all after Moses gave His last and final warning. I cannot imagine the hearts of the parents who were about to face their biggest nightmare. The final plague would bring Egypt to her Knees and bring chaos they had never known. God was about to judge the Egyptians by sending the death angels throughout that land to take the lives of every firstborn human and animal. The Israelite’s were instructed to slaughter a lamb that evening and paint the post of the door above and on the sides with the lamb’s blood. If the angels passed by and the blood was not applied, the firstborn would die. That night, wailing was heard throughout Egypt.

It hit me! Here we are in the middle of the worst event we’ve ever faced, not just in America, but globally. We refused to listen to God in the past. We’ve taken Him out of everything and deemed him a mere fable. This Passover, Jesus is among us and He has entered with His peace that passes all understanding He comes humbly to remind us that our Father God comes to bring judgement for our great sins. But God is merciful and will extend mercy to those who believe as He extended mercy to the Israelites. This Covid-19 is serious! Within it are not only sickness and death, but forced business closures and financial markets coming to a halt and an unprecedented panic. I do not want to presume God’s intention at all during our time of distress, but I read between the lines. Murdered babies, sexual preferences not ordained by God we have replaced God’s word with our own word making everything acceptable and making it legal and right. God has EVERY right to judge mankind, His own creation. I believe God is showing me that we should ready ourselves for Him to transform us from our old ways of being.

God is merciful and God is still in control! He is with us and I believe He will clean up the hearts of man. This is personal to me because of the situation I am in at the moment. So, what would I do if I saw Jesus riding into my city? I don’t have palm branches, but I do have my two arms and I would run to Him and shout, Hosanna , Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! I would find my own donkey and without arrogance spread the gospel of Christ with humility in service to God. Therefore, I now understand what I was supposed to understand, this is not about us at all. It’s about the One who created us and He will clean His planet from everything ugly and impure. He is just to give us this time to rest and to think about what life is really about. We always resort back to our given ability to love and help one another. He is taking away that which has taken over our lives and destroyed families and bringing restoration. The transformation is coming…..

Random “Lock down” Thoughts

It’s Friday, April 3rd, 2020. A lot has happened this week alone. This pandemic has altered so much of our lives in so many ways. Nothing seems to fit anymore and it’s going to take some getting use to. It feels like life has been put on hold and I am just sitting here awaiting instructions to the next phase. It is really sad actually, and these four walls seem to know me very well by now. At times, it feels as if they are slowly closing in on me or worse it feels like a cage. It even feels like a lockdown within a lockdown whatever that is suppose to mean.

Still, there are those who are not obeying the corona laws and for that reason the police put up barricades at ends of roads to check your license and ask for a permission slip from your job meaning that is the only reason you can be out at night, coming from or going to your place of work. The Stimulus package has yet to be given to any of us after finally getting it passed. Many are without jobs, now money. We can’t sell because no one is buying and we can’t buy without the funds being available. I have had to lay aside my pride and apply for food stamps but now our State has claimed there aren’t enough funds in the bucket to help everyone in need.

It’s grim and growing worse by the day. However, I am thankful, beyond thankful, that a miracle happened to me this week which I explained in my last blog. It’s keeping us afloat for now. But I am not losing hope. I dare not lose hope. It keeps joy inside my soul. However, these uncertainties are growing daily multiplying faster than we can try to solve. There is rumor of another strain of this virus leaking out. But there have been mounds of rumors and we just sit and wait for anything remotely good to come our way, and I am believing it will. In the mean time, it really isn’t impossible to live under this lock-down law not for me anyway because my kids are grown and married and I cannot imagine being locked down with little ones who can’t go out. I am pretty sure they would be bouncing off the walls and I guess i would be too.

I do stay busy reading, quilling and playing with my cats. Let’s see, there is Anubis, Gray-boy, Lilly and Leo who are the indoor cats, then Shakespeare, and Velvet who demand being outside and they all are my pride and joy and each has their own personality which makes it very interesting at times. I do not watch much TV unless I watch something on YouTube being that TV is not fit to watch anymore. I especially love watching Jeremy Wade. I wonder if he is married? (scratches her head and hopes he is not.) I have this new-found crush on him and that British accent, well you get the drift. However, he is very entertaining, brave and keeps my mind off of the negative things that fight for my attention.

I will close now. I have some art I need to work on. My prayers are for our world.

Be blessed!

P.S. My eyes filled with tears as I closed my blog all while trying to swallow that lump that seems to want to stay right there in my throat. Please be safe !!!

A Ray Of Miracle

This crisis we are in is on a mass scale and life will never be the same again. It will reorder our society to rearrange itself either for the better or worse. So far, the financial crisis has taken its toll and we are doing things we never thought we would have to do. I’ve already mentioned about our business taking a huge hit in the last blog and it’s been devastating to my family. But we are resilient and will bounce back maybe not like we were before, because things will be different, but we will adapt to whatever is needed to be adapted to to make it. People are already separated from their jobs and friends, and that alone is shaking up our economy.

Today, I have two stories to share with you from yesterday’s events. I got out yesterday for the first time and went into a public place. I’ve been faithful to stay home and self quarantine with exceptions visiting in my back yard and hiking the woods. But, we needed groceries and I had no choice but to go. Everyone seemed spaced out, kind of like a zombic outbreak. They looked dazed and would not make eye contact, perhaps exhausted from the worries and burdens we have been forced to carry. No one was smiling and I suppose I wasn’t either. I tried to make eye contact so I could project a smile into their lives, but it was like a scene from a horror movie and everyone was in a different space and time. I went about getting the things I needed being very careful not to hoard. The shelves were being stocked, but food was flying off the shelves just as quick.

On my way home, my phone start going off from an emergency alert that had just been issued. The warning was that tomorrow, a state wide lock down would take place at 5:00. My heart skipped a beat only because it felt weird and so surreal. Today, my oldest son called the City Council to complain about stores price gouging and people roaming the streets as if nothing was happening. The Council told my son that today, April 1st, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. our State would enforce a State wide lock down. Just something about those words is entirely unsettling and it hit me hard and I thought, this is it. This is very real. My mind began to race about what will come next. However, my faith and trust in God is strong and even though we all are facing these strange moments it’s human nature to wonder and be curious. It’s not a lack of faith or trust. It’s reality and we must adhere to it. I just pray my people will obey the laws of the land, the new laws and just stay inside and be safe.

Now, I guess you are wondering about the title of this blog and what miracle I might be talking about. Yesterday before going to the grocery store, I called my bank about transferring the $2.73 to my new account that only had $0.69 cents in it. I had that money in my old account that was fraudulently hit and had to be shut down back in February. It’s not much money at all, but it’s something. After the lady was looking through my accounts, she saw something. She was looking at a savings account and told me she saw where there was $500.00 on the ledger account. I stopped her and told her I did not have a savings account, she then put me on hold, then came back and said I have good news for you.

In my mind I began to think about the scripture in the Bible where it says in Psalms 37:25, “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread.” She began telling me that over a year ago, I had signed up for a savings that I had totally forgotten about. But I had never put money into it, but she continued saying that the interest accrued and left me with exactly $500.00. She said, “Miss Jane, looks like someone has His angels watching over you.” I became so excited and could not contain the well of tears that flooded my face. I could not speak. She then told me that it is legit and there is $500.00 siting in your savings and with my permission she was going to transfer it to my checking. I did not think twice. We both laughed, we both cried. I told her she was the angel God sent. $500.00 may not seem like much to some as it did not for me over a month ago before my business was hit, but now, it is a huge bag of wealth and that is how I got to go to the grocery store.

I have still been trying to figure out where that money came from. There was only one penny put in there by the bank when I had opened the account a year ago. I really don’t see how interest could have grown that much in a year, but God has reminded me, “that those who wait upon the Lord they shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles and soar. They will walk and not grow weary , they shall run and not grow faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)That’s exactly how I felt yesterday after hearing this good news. My spirit within me wanted to soar and I might have danced a little by the overwhelming news, but it was indeed a miracle. I kept almost half for myself, and gave the rest to someone in need. I am not pinning roses on myself, but I feel strongly we are to come together in this time and help one another. God blessed me with a beautiful peace and reassured me that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I could not keep this to myself, I had to share.

Be blessed and be safe…

Uncrown The enemy

If you know me, you know I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed! Over the past couple of years, I have gone through hell and high water in many areas of my life. I have mentioned things throughout some of my blogs but never went into deep detail as I am saving that for my next book. But my testimony is that of God who brings me through the high waters and floods of my life and delivers me from the traps of my enemy, Satan.

But there is a different attack that has tried to shut us all down globally, even God Himself. In the original text of the beginning of time as we know it, Satan fell from Heaven as he tried to steal God’s crown and place himself above the Almighty God. During this dark time we face, many are coming to Christ therefore catapulting Satan to work harder to do what he does best. He comes to steal, kill and destroy and he has crowned this destruction he has brought upon us as the Corona Virus. The dictionary defines Corona as a gaseous envelope surrounding the sun and it can only be seen in the darkest phase of a total eclipse, therefore giving it it’s meaning, “Crown.”

Satan tried to steal God’s crown in the beginning, now in the end of our age, these last days, Satan has attempted an all out attack against us in order to dethrone God and take His crown once and for all, but the good news is, his attempt is real but will be conquered by the prayers of the saints and the devil will NOT win! During these dark days, the crown, his crown is being seen for all the world to see, and we see it clearly which is why it’s called the Corona Virus. Kings wear crowns and we know that with the crown comes power and glory and Satan desires this crown above all things. Sickness does not come from God but from Satan himself. There are those who want to blame God, but one day will realize they placed the blame in the wrong place.

This virus is a huge distraction of what God is about to do to our planet. I believe wholeheartedly that God is going to bring justice and sweep the earth clean of those who deemed to slaughter millions of unborn babies, and those who have indulged in sex trafficking, murder and hatred and the list goes on. We’ve taken God out of our schools and the schools became a battleground. We’ve taken God out of government facilities and dared those to pray and read the Bible in public. But God in all His mercy and grace, love and compassion for His creation is going to make things right again and bring restoration to His people.

The devil knows this and therefore has issued an all out APB against God and has interrupted our lives with this destructive, deadly virus against God’s creation. The Corona Virus is the crown Satan wears and he will not stop until he has succeeded. But our Father God, the maker of heaven and earth, will not be dethroned and will come and bring a cure for this madness and with God’s help, we will UNCROWN Satan and his minions and restoration will begin. Let’s pull together for the good of mankind and uncrown the Corona and let God be God!

This is my mission, even though a small part, it’s my mission to say the least. It’s my desire to help change the world and this change begins with submitting our lives to Christ and I invite you to come to Jesus and repent of your sins and believe He is the Son of God who came to earth to die for your sins and let God take it from there. Together, we can change the world!!!

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

Living In The Now

As I write these words, our world is in a wild spin-out and survival is becoming paramount. Covid 19 is on the rise in my Nation and there are a lot of folks who are not taking it serious. No one is exempt from this plague and we should adhere to the new regulations being ordered for us to quarantine. I myself have been in quarantine for almost two weeks. I must say, it’s not been easy for this avid outdoor lover. However, I have been outside to pull weeds that have grown unorderly. I have hiked in the woods in my back yard just to keep from going stir crazy but I have not been around other people other than those living with me.

Each day has it’s own repercussions. I received a letter from the bank as payments are due, but there is no money to cover these payments. I call the institution and learn they are working with their customers during what they call a national disaster. They are prolonging payments for three months for that, I’m very grateful. WordPress has been pushing me to pay for my yearly subscription. What bad timing! I certainly can’t draw blood from a turnip and they don’t seem to understand, but that’s okay there are other blogging sites and this one may end very soon.

Rent is due on the first. I will have to deal with this as I go. I struggle to pen or type the struggles we are truly facing. Food supplies have been scary as people who do have money coming in are the first to plunder the grocery stores and not being considerate of others. I have had to sell things for money as my business took a huge hit and left me to survive the best I know how. Today, I applied for food stamps. My tears reminded me that we should take nothing for granted and our pride means nothing in the face of uncertainty. Due to the nature of this plague, I was accepted and feel blessed that now I can possibly go find food other than leftovers we live on day to day until there is no more. It’s humbling in every aspect of the word to do what you have to do to survive. But I am not the only one and our spirits aren’t dead as we find ways to cope, occupy and deal with life minute by minute.

An elderly friend in her 80’s came over yesterday. She too has been in quarantine so she knew it was safe to come to my house. She took me out in the back yard and taught me how to make the best of survival. We picked Dandelions and I must say it hurt my heart to pluck them from the ground, but my friend taught me that Dandelions have so many wonderful nutritious values and she taught me how to make dandelion tea with what we harvested. It’s so easy and the benefits are remarkable. She and I enjoyed some hot dandelion tea together that she had made before coming over. Seemingly, it has had a calming affect and perhaps lowered my blood pressure which is a huge plus in my life.

These little things that the older ones have used and continue to use today no longer remain in the vaults of their minds. They are sharing their knowledge and know how and for that, I am also very grateful and blessed for their wisdom and resilience for survival. Be safe everyone. Heed the warnings and take precautions but please remember, there is nothing too difficult for God!

Be blessed…

Everything Under The Sun

I believe everything happens for a reason and I’ve always heard it said, “there is a reason for every season.” Over the past few days I pondered on the people in my life and have tried to grasp changes in circumstances and attitudes in those who no longer add value to my life. I’m talking about those who have drained the very life from my soul. I think of a few whom I see emails or messages come through and things become unsettling instantly. These are the very ones who no longer bring joy to my soul, rather its everything but joy.

The past few days, I have reaped so much negativity simply because I allowed my attitude to become a free spirit in putting my two cents worth in and the attitude has the power to speak things into existence and I reaped the loss of a nine year relationship. But the loss itself was what I needed. This person engaged in always taking rather than giving, dishing it out but not being able to take the return. Always twisting the truth to suit the need. Constantly bombarding me with lies that I knew for a fact were being told.

The trust factor was destroyed and that alone is the essential part of any relationship and for me, once trust is compromised, it’s never the same. If you are going to take up residence in my circle, then you must be trustworthy, reliable and genuinely concerned about what is best for me as I share the same concepts for you. I cannot risk my health to have a relationship with a poisonous, toxic person who is all about them and them only.

Yesterday, I became angry with someone who was constantly trying to make a liar out of me. Our business has suffered due to the pandemic of this Covid-19 virus. Money had stopped coming in, and food supplies at the grocery store have been low. I have done my part in self-quarantine and have had to ration food and supplies. He made a spectacle of me on his Facebook wall and another American chimed in and disrespected me saying I was telling non-truths. This person doesn’t even know me at all. She lives in a different state than I do yet claimed that things were not as bad as I was telling my so-called friend, whom by the way, used to be my fiance. He screen shot the replies then sent them to me. Why? I have no clue. He is not an American and resides in the UK.

This bothered me to no end that this woman would spout out her negativity towards someone she didn’t know, nor my situation especially a fellow American. Therefore as a result, I became angry and I let my UK friend know exactly what I was feeling inside which ran my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I cried from the grief that was just added to my already dismay from everything going on in our world. The pressure has been great and life has not been the same, not only for me but for every single soul on this planet. We should be pulling together rather than starting wars amongst ourselves. We have enough to deal with in this epidemic than people getting crazy and showing who they really are inside.

I pondered on the situation deeply and made a choice to let it go. To let it all go including the one who masterminded the ordeal. Last night, after many tears and unanswered questions, I decided that it was time for a change. It was time for me to move on because every decision I make has an impact on my life, my future. I sent the email apologizing for my negative words I last spoke to him but I was cutting the cord and would not be able to be friends any longer. It’s my life, I choose who can bring grief and who doesn’t. My circle is quickly changing because I made a decision to detoxify every negative thing in my life. I will not feel guilty, nor look back. The final chapter of that story was completed in the decision I made and I feel like a bird released from its cage. I feel like I could fly high for the first time in a very long time.

I will no longer suffer sabotage from those who live to bring others down. There was a reason this person was put in my life nine years ago. God had to teach me valuable lessons and for these nine years its been one lesson after another and as I finally learned I do not have to tolerate venomous bites from snakes on two legs, I felt released from an area in my life that desperately needed change. But now, that season is over and the door to my cage will never close, in fact, there will never be a cage.

Don’t allow toxic people steal your joy or your sense of well-being. It’s your life, you get to control who is a part of it and who isn’t. A good spring cleaning will do you good. Take charge, go strong!

Be blessed.

In Times Like These

Its inevitable that we live in a broken world. Broken governments, broken systems, broken homes and broken hearts. But in our most trying hour, there is hope! In Philippians 4:13, it says that ” We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us” there is no hopelessness in Christ Jesus. With Him in our hearts, nothing is impossible and He gives us strength and power, love and discipline to walk through the broken pieces of life which you will find in 2 Timothy 1:17.

We are tottering in uncertainty and panic is settling in the hearts of many but there is hope even in the darkest time we face. This is no surprise to God and He knows everything that is going on and He hears the cries of fear, He sees the terror and knows that peace is nearly extinguished. But there is good news! We have a heavenly Father that is full of compassion, full of comfort. He comforts us in our troubles and he is full of mercy and grace and all we have to do is call upon Him. He commands us to be strong and courageous. He tells us not to be afraid and not to fear nor does He desire for us to be discouraged. He says He will go with us wherever we go and He will never leave us nor forsake us! These are promises you can be sure of.

Many of us through our own strength feel very small, but God’s strength is so much bigger. There is more than enough of his strength to see us through. Don’t lose hope in times like these. We need a Savior! We need Jesus! And He is right here waiting for you to call upon Him. When we cannot depend on anyone else, we can certainly know, that He will always be there no matter what.

Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand.”

John 14:27 ” Peace I leave you; peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and not be afraid.”

Joshua 1:9 ” Have i not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Psalm 27:13-14 ” I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

As we go through these times together, look to the hills from whence your help comes from. Our maker and creator, our Father God is right there with you. He is our hope! He is our light! He is our redeemer! No one on this earth can provide you with so many reasons to keep your head held high, but Jesus can, He has and He will. In Christ alone, there is power and in Christ alone there is peace, hope and a reason to live…. Be blessed

Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.”

-Jane Hardin

The Kentucky Hardins….Twist of Fate

Many years ago, I set out to learn about the lives that came before me, and try to conjure up the history, core identity and cultural background and for the most part, where I came from in my genealogy line. I had been told all my life that my dad’s side of the family originated from Scotland. I tried to find this information on but was unable to find anything remotely close to those rumors. Today, my nephew, Jim Hardin contacted me and informed me of his interest in our family tree and he was able to trace the truth of our heritage. What I learned was mind boggling and explains a lot about myself in general, Let me explain:

I do know and understand that immigrants from all over the world came to America to start new lives. I learned what my history involved, including my relatives who came over to start new lives with another culture engraved in the bloodline. If my dad were alive today, he would be surprised to know the truth of his heritage. I am sure there would be loads of sensitivities vying to argue what he was told and knew to be truth. He was determined that his ancestors came from Scotland and was led to believe this all his life. The truth is, his ancestors did not come from Scotland, they came from France.

When I heard this my mind was blown and immediately I began to understand things a little better about myself. In fact, my ancestors came from Normandy, France and we are French! For some odd reason, when I was in High School, I studied French for three years. I had always had a special interest in speaking French and didn’t know why. I suppose, it was in my blood. But now, I get it.

My nephew was able to get a straight line from my father to a man named Martin Hardewyn who was from France in the 1500’s. Martin Hardewyn ( our surname went through different spellings down the line) left France because of religious persecution and went to England with two of his brothers and one stayed in England, and Martin and his brother came over to the States and settled in Virginia. I was able to trace some history back to Virginia years ago but that was as far as I got. Then Martin evidently married and had a family he moved from Virginia to North Carolina then to South Carolina where I am from. His brother who came over with him moved to Kentucky. The Hardins suffered greatly as it was a bad time for them.

According to history, the Hardins, or Kentucky Hardins were on their way to pay on the land that they found ( which is now downtown Louisville) but were attacked by Indians. My nephew sent me a link about the Kentucky Hardins that is over 150 pages long. I will do research to learn more about these relatives of mine. But if I remember correctly, my father told me that there were prospectors in the family which explains my love for rock hounding and digging for gold.

I find it amazing the twist of info that is pouring into my knowledge now and the truth is finally being realized. When I was doing research years ago, I kept coming across William Shakespeare. I kind of gave up on that nugget for a later time, and I think now is that time to pick it back up and dig more. I do know that I love poetry and write a lot on my Dreamtini page on Facebook. I have not been able to write lately because of two books I’ve written and other things I’ve picked up like the gold mining and my quilling art I’ve picked back up. I’m not saying I am related to William Shakespeare, but during research, his name kept popping up during genealogy studies. Who knows! But for now, I am going to dig in to the Kentucky Hardins and learn what I can about them.