Kennedy/Hardin Prospecting Part 5

My adventures have not been on hold, in fact, they have kept me busy and I have found no time to blog about it. The weather has not been cooperative at times, but as an outdoor enthusiast, it has not stopped me. However, when the rains dump excessive amounts of water into the equation it kind of parallels the water table elevations with my fear of getting into unknown creeks and rivers while playing roulette with my determination to over come such fear, which I must say, my son helps in that department. But, in reality, I do exercise caution and go with the flow, no pun intended.

This blog is mainly about the adventure itself rather than the mining aspect of what we do. If you follow my blogs you know about my bout with depression and the battle it has been, but since hitting the trails, this has been the best therapy for myself. I hike the woods to get to streams, that alone is a benefit. The fresh air paired with a nice view has more positive effects than any medication can provide. Some of the terrain I hike may not be suitable to some, but to me it is educational on many levels and re-learning the earth has become paramount in my life.

Its amazing and entirely relaxing walking through the woods listening to the birds chirping, whistling and trilling as their echoes bounce from tree to tree while frogs and toads are voicing their opinions. Then there are those different species of trees and ferns that call out to me to stop and take notice while the creek rushes through her sanctuary. The sights, sounds coupled with fresh air certainly take charge and becomes the best place to be for serenity.

Sometimes in nature’s preserve, you come across things that cause a tongue-in-cheek moment. Questions start forming and curious minds began brainstorming. On our last mining adventure, we came across a couple of such things. We found what looked like a hut being constructed and the first thing that popped in my mind was “Blair Witch!” If you have ever seen the movies, you will understand my reasoning. In the photos below, you can see what I mean.

Then we move forward and find remains of some kind of animal that had rather large teeth but had been out there in the elements for a long time. It saddens my heart to find such things as we also found a coyote that had just been killed by another animal , but that is the nature of the circle of life. We respect the animals and do not try to disturb their territory, but we are cautious and are armed with protection in case we are threatened with an attack. There are bears in these woods and they don’t like surprises.

The area we’ve been working is high in quartz materials and I am almost convinced we have found a vein. The quartz crystals are amazing and I have even found a quartz crystal arrowhead. there are hints of citrine and emerald along with possibly sapphire mixed in the lot while so far, we have only found hints of small materials in the creeks. Even in the winter, we get a few warm days here in the south, and shorts and walks in the creek are permissible. I always say, a family that plays in the dirt and water together, stays together! That’s what we do and we love it!

But of course, I can’t end this blog without showing you some of our gifts the earth gave us. I’ve said it many times before and I am going to say it again, there are riches underneath out feet and the only requirement to getting to these riches is a little knowledge of the area and how the river flows and a willing to dig in it. If you are looking for a great adventure with your family, try panning in the streams. Your kids will love searching for gold and other rocks and stones that are beautiful. Who knows, you may get lucky and strike it rich. But I warn you, once you try your hand at gold mining, it will become a hard habit to break. Here is wishing you wonderful earthlings many happy trails it beats being electronically saturated with your devices. Be blessed…

Kennedy/Hardin Prospecting Part 4

California Dreaming? Not hardly! We have plenty of that gold stuff and other gems in our region to keep us busy for the rest of our lives. But it’s not the gold that brings the rush into the atmosphere, however, I must say it’s a very nice bonus, but it’s the hunt itself that gets the adrenaline rushing through the veins.

We didn’t travel far to go to a very remote area, in fact, we walked across the street and down into the woods to the hidden creek. It only proved to me, there are fabulous and wondrously, strange gems all around us. I did not strike gold this time, but I did learn I was in the right place to find a nice load for when I do go back to work the area.

When I arrived at the creek, I became overwhelmed at all the different formations of the area and how the erosion carved it’s way with the floods. I was so excited that I did not take a photo of the creek nor the salamander meandering around my feet minding its own business. The first thing that caught my eye was the abundance of smokey quartz and olivine. Olivine is a mineralized green rock that is found in igneous rocks and peridot is known to come from this source and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like it. It has tiny birght green quartz throughout and makes a very interesting rock indeed. We also found chalcedony microgranular quartz.

Sunday, while out walking in the rain scouting my area, I noticed two huge quartz rocks at the top of the hill and knew I had to go down to the creek to check it out. Yesterday, we made the journey and the weather was perfect for us we even got in the creek while searching the area. I grabbed quartz after quartz after quartz until my back pack was over flowing. Still, there was so much more to be had and a big creek to work.

It’s very difficult to see all the crystals and colorizations going on in and around these rocks. But the creek is in abundance for white quartz and crystals as well. But there was another interesting rock that actually made me stop and gasp for breath. I picked up the beautiful glistening specimen to try and determine it if was an artifact, a fossil, a rock or a mineral or just a lump of coal that was very shiny. To me it looked like a rock covered in gold and I could almost hear a massive angelic choir singing, “Hallelujah!” But I’ve already been down that road before when I first started prospecting and thought I struck gold when it was just pyrate. I knew by what I had already studied thus far that this was in the Hornblende family and Hornblende is dark colored metamorphic rock and this particular rock is covered in mica or chlorite but it is very beautiful especially when the sun shines down on it in the water.

We wanted to get a sample of the creek mud and we filled a five gallon bucket full and thankfully, my strong son made the ascend carrying that bucket full of mud and his backpack loaded with digging tools. We haven’t finished panning the mud, but the work is there to do. I’ll be speaking with a quartz dealer later today to estimate the value of the quartz and learn more about the “green rock” that has my interest peaking. I want to encourage you to go outside and take your cell phone. Its your small computer that can tell you anything you need to know. Just download some rock and mineral apps and you will be able to classify rocks and minerals in no time and you can learn to compare the physical properties of some of the matter such as strength, hardness, if it’s able to conduct heat and the story goes on and on. There is so much to learn about what’s under your feet and trust me, it’s a lot better than sitting around watching TV all day or busying yourself on social media. Get outside! There is more to see there. If you are like me and struggle with Depression, this is the best therapy you can do for yourself and it’s free .

Until my next adventure, be blessed earthlings…

Kennedy/Hardin Prospecting Part 3

I have learned so much over the past few months studying the minerals of the earth. I am highly fascinated by what our feet trod over and what lies beneath the surface. As I have mentioned before, I have always been intrigued with rocks and their formations, and how gems are found among the hard crust of nature. There is so much beauty below the surface and with the right equipment, you can discover some very beautiful treasures that have value to them.

We have not been able to get out and pan or mine for these gems or gold lately due to the rain and floods, but I have been sifting through the remaining mud and rocks I brought home from the last two runs we made. I have found white quartz and crystal along with a few small pieces of gold. I even found garnet. There are a few places we are waiting to go sift through, and I can hardly wait. But for now, I still have some more materials to go through right here on my patio.

You may be curious as to the value of quartz, maybe the white quartz I have found above. It really depends on your presentation of the quartz to a dealer. If it’s uncleaned mine-run specimen material you can sell it for around $4.00 to $6.00 a pound. But if it has been cleaned like mine above, it will sell for $8.00 to $10.00 a pound. When thinking about rocks, a pound isn’t a lot because of the weight. Quartz is probably the most common minerals in the earth and comes in an array of colors. How about a crystal? Crystals are of more value than the quartz. A small topaz crystal can run for $3.00 a gram. If you find a crystal that weighed 10 grams it’s value might be around $30.00 or more and a crystal in weight of 20 grams would bring you $100.00. You can see a few crystal gems above.

But how about that gold? Everyone wants to know about and see the gold. I don’t have to tell you the value of gold, but I will in case you forgot. For an ounce of gold it’s value is $1,605.95. For a gram it’s $51.63. For a kilo it’s $51,632.49. There is a lot of gold below your feet it did not go away during the gold rush era. I have found gold and am certain I will find more.

Gold isn’t just found in streams or old rivers, you can look in old dried up river beds that are rich with the substance and even in a rock quarry, underneath roots of fallen trees. But the best place to start is just getting out there and searching. Go to a stream and dig up some mud near some rocks and bring it home and pan that material. I promise, it’s not only rewarding if you find something of value, but it is fun and educational. However, you need to know the difference between pyrates (fools gold) and real gold and it can be deceiving. But with a few simple tests, you can distinguish between the two.

In the above photos of my wooden spoon full of wet dirt, you can see varying colors peeping through. But after panning the material, I came away with white quartz, crystals, a little bit of gold and garnet and other colored quartz but very tiny pieces. No, I do not pan with a wooden spoon, I do use my Garrett panning pan and a big scoop. I left my scoop in the car and grabbed a wooden spoon for my patio mining. It’s definitely a feel good sport and one I will enjoy for the rest of my days. I am not one of those who is into the healing factor of these gems, I just love the sport of it and the value it brings is nice too. But if you are one who loves the gems for the healing factors, then you would enjoy getting out and finding your own gems rather than buying them from someone else who dug it up. Until next time earthlings, Be Blessed….jh

In Honor of V-Day, My Personal Hallmark

Tomorrow is the big V-Day and many will share their love stories in honor of Valentines. I, myself, do not have a story to write about nor any good memories of love other than the love of my two sons, my grand kids and my cats. And above all, the love of Jesus Christ my savior. However, I am a romantic and love my imaginings where I draw my romance from especially through my poetry whether it rhymes or not. I am in no hurry to look for love as I am content with my life without it and if it comes, I will dance on the stars and kiss on the moon and pour my undying love all over the one who will be willing to do life with me all the way through eternity….

But for now, I have found solace in creating cards, along with my own personal hallmark imprinted inside for those who enjoy my art. I want to share with you some pieces I have made for others to give to that special someone. I will not share my writings because they are personal and for the one who paid me to write them for. As I create my art, (some designs not my own), I put my heart into it and it grows my creativity and inspires me to go over and beyond hoping the recipient will appreciate the work as well as the one giving the card.

I started quilling when I was young and didn’t know what “quilling” was. I’ve recently taken it back up and haven’t stopped creating since. If you are not sure what quilling is, its art made by strips of paper that you form into shape. I call it painting with paper. I’m attempting a very large project done on canvas using iridescent pastel paint for my background and will quill my piece of art to go on top. It’s my diamond in the rough so-to-speak.

But, I want to wish you ALL a very beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day and may your love for each other grow and never allow it to fade. Be true to one another never compromising nor taking for granted for those are the culprits that will cost you your love. I will leave you with a piece of my poetry as well, my personal hallmark…

Kennedy/Hardin Prospecting Part 2

Yesterday, February 10, 2020, we headed back up to the hills. It had been raining and we decided to go to a different area in Cleveland, S.C. off the Cherokee Foothills. We panned another tributary of the South Saluda River called the Wildcat Branch Creek. Again, I cannot stress the beauty of our mountains and it’s right in my back yard. This is what I love about living where I live.

It wasn’t too cold, in fact, I had to shed my coat and surprisingly, the water wasn’t too cold either. We stayed in the confines of the creek only and kept our expedition wet. We had to hike upstream a bit and found a nice spot with lots of overhanging trees that helped keep the rain off of us. The rain was light to begin with but eventually got heavier. Our excursion was cut short because we had to hike back down and cross over the creek on rocks. We didn’t bring mud back with us this time, however, just before packing up, my son took a step in the creek and misjudged the water depth and well you can figure the results of that.

While we laughed about his mishaps, he continued to pan a few minutes longer and I stayed on the creek’s edge doing my own edge panning. As I was observing some rocks and reaching down to pick one up, something slithered over my hand nearly sending me into the water as I screamed like an eight year old. The little snake nestled up against the rock and I took my phone out and snapped a shot. I looked at the photo zooming it in and saw it was not a snake at all. We thought it was odd that snakes would be out of hibernation already, but before zooming in the photo one would think that the slithery wet monster was indeed reptile. But after close examination, I knew immediately it was not a snake nor a Caecilian. In fact, I’ve never seen anything like it and at this point have deemed it’s existence unsubstantiated. If you know what it is, please leave a comment below.

The little creature was not going anywhere, so I moved away from him and upon doing so, I spotted shiny material in the water’s sand possibly just washed down from some flooding earlier but regardless, it was there and it came home with me. It was bigger than flour gold, not quite a nugget, but perhaps a picker in which I owe my gratitude to the little slitherer.

As you can see in the above zoomed in shot, my day was not wasted at all. I smiled all the way down that mountain and all the way home. But we escaped the fast fall-off of rain raising the creek to the point it was almost impossible to cross over but we did it. I have the fever and have fallen in love with panning. My team and I are excited about mining for gems as well. It’s all about the rock and all those wonderful treasures God created and hid inside our earth. If you really want to be blown away and catch a few WOW moments, get out there and learn what’s beneath us or hiding in the water. It’s God’s treasure hunt for us to enjoy.

Kennedy/Hardin Prospect Part 1

My prospecting team was geared up and ready to begin our first real gold expedition February 6, 2020, but due to heavy rains and high floods we had to stay indoors. After the floods receded , we planned another date for February 8th, 2020. After waking up that morning in high hopes of venturing to the hills, it started snowing. However, we welcomed the snow and was ecstatic to see it and on a whim, a couple of us decided to head for those hills anyway and proceed with our plans.

We headed to North Greenville to pan the Little Gap Creek which is a small tributary of the North Saluda river. Temps were below freezing and the snow was beautiful but it did not put a wedge in our plans nor did we have to deal with mosquitoes or any other pesky insects like flies gnawing at our bones, just a bite from old Jack Frost.

As for me, the beautiful wintry scene held my attention and it was hard to concentrate on the expedition itself. The fast moving creek carving it’s way through the mountain was peaceful and mesmerizing. I could be happy putting a cabin in there somewhere and living the rest of my days in utter bliss. Let me show you my favorite photo I took.

Typically, panning for gold in these conditions require getting your feet wet and we were not geared with the Neoprene rubber boots or high waders, which by the way are on the shopping list now. We did a little panning in the stream on rocks and tried to stay dry as much as possible, but it was impossible to escape the water completely. We then decided to fill a five gallon bucket with mud we dug out of the creek. We dared not disturb the ecology of the land, and stuck strictly with getting the mud from inside the water.

I didn’t realize the work involved in panning. The digging, the sluicing, and the actual panning itself is quite a workout but you don’t think about it as being a workout as much as you think of the fun of what you’re doing. However, you do need good balance to stay on those rocks, or else you are going for a nice cold swim. During the panning process, we did find flour gold. We packed up the back packs and headed home as the snow got heavier for sake of making it down that mountain safely. When we got home, we set up a little station on the back patio and finished sluicing the mud we brought home. Those little gold specs will eventually add up and thankfully, we had the right gear to snuff them up into protective bottles.

It was not a waste of time to pan in our little area we discovered, and will be returning once the rains settle and the floods recede once again. I am excited about going back and hiking the creek again…

The Encounter

This morning was peculiar. I shared my experience with my Facebook family and I did so with hesitancy expecting negative feedback, but to my surprise it was everything but…In fact, I was encouraged in ways that I needed and I received a confirmation through comments from several of my friends. I have had an encounter very similar in 2017 and 2018 and again today.

In 2017, I had just learned my job would end in February of 2018. Needless to say, my world began to flip upside down, and it did. However, right after learning of my demise, I saw a white feather in the sky one morning and in my heart I knew God was with me. I studied the meaning or symbol of white feathers. I learned they symbolize your angels are near and it also symbolizes faith and protection and it can also mean message of flight and freedom. That particular night, my cat Optimus Prime brought to me a tiny white feather and where he got it, I have no idea, it did not come from outside because at that time he was strictly an indoor cat.

But my encounter today involved white feathers and a hand print. Now in 2018, I had an encounter with seeing hand prints on my car windows that just appeared out of nowhere while riding down the road. Just a few moments later, I was in a very bad automobile accident that should have been fatal, but I knew instantly God had His hands or His angels hands on those precious moments when our lives were hanging in the balances. But this morning, they both appeared in the same setting and the entire incident left me scratching my head. Here is what happened.

It was 5:38 in the a.m. I heard an auditory voice call my name out loud. I turned to see who it was and I saw flickering lights like fireflies in my room and there were winged feathers all over my ceiling. I did not feel fear at all. It was a beautiful sight to me, but I jumped out of bed and went to the window to look out to try to debunk what was happening. While looking out the window, I noticed the sun was just beginning to shine some light, but barely. I noticed big dark clouds hanging above and figured it was getting ready to rain again, but I was left trying to figure out what I had just encountered.

I made my bed and went to shower, when I came back, I saw this hand print on the blanket on my bed. At the moment, it became unnerving. I called my son and he came over and put his hand inside the print and it was much bigger than his hands. My hand looked tiny inside and instantly, I knew it was a divine encounter. I was reminded of the car accident on April 22nd, 2018 when hand prints appeared on the car windows. After talking to my son, I began to wonder if I might be in danger today. I hesitated to post it on Facebook, but felt strongly I should. I did, and the results were what I needed to hear, or read.

My confirmation boils down to this; the hand of God has anointed me for something great, I am blessed and God has opportunities awaiting me. I, myself on my own am nothing great whatsoever but as God’s agent, He can do anything because ALL things are possible with Him. To Him belongs ALL the glory. My Father God has been waking me up in the wee hours of the mornings to encourage me Himself. I’ve gone through trials and testings that I thought were never ending. The fire has been extreme but I was not burned. The waters have been deep, but they did not rush over and consume me. The potter’s wheel has been painful and at times in my own words “brutal.” And through these past few years, life has been uncertain and nothing made sense. More times than not, I felt like I was free falling into nothingness and I suffered Depression on a major scale. Every night for the past two and a half years, I’ve cried myself to sleep. But now? I feel God is about to reveal His plan for me and I am ready to serve. I am not bitter at all but full of joy knowing God will use me for His Kingdom. Here is my opportunity again to ask you to join me in efforts to change our world for the better and for God’s purpose.

Be blessed.

Mad Dash For The Gold

If you know me, you know that when I put my mind to something I dive in head first and go full force. I’ve not captured the spirit of the Frontier West, but I will effort my chance and try some luck if you will of rediscovering anything remotely close to “the gold rush.”

I’m no expert by any measure of the word, but I am learning and gaining a lot of wonderful knowledge of the vast treasures hidden beneath our feet. I have made mention before about my fascination with rocks and gems and after long conversations with a few people who have agreed to team up with me, we are on a mission to find such treasures. Today was supposed to have been our first expedition, but we were rained out. Fortunately, I took it upon myself along with my oldest son to try a practice run in my back yard, in the woods. A couple days ago, we headed downtown to shop for mining tools, which is always a good place to start if you are planning to dig. After returning home, we wasted no time heading for the woods.

My son began digging and he went four feet into the ground. We noticed that the dirt was very sparkly which was kind of odd, but the digging proceeded. Now theoretically speaking, digging in your backyard for gold is highly unlikely, but one never knows until they try. We live at the base of mountains and gold is no stranger in these parts.

Our curiosity was getting the best of us and we decided to take some dirt into our little homemade panning area on the patio. I sat and sifted through the soil searching for nuggets and found many and the specs of gold were so tiny we had no idea how to pan that and clean it up for inspection. But prior to our find, we both learned that these tiny particles are called micro dust of gold and is very difficult to clean up unless you are a seasoned miner which we are not. When it comes to sorting your gold from the dirt, water is your friend and you have to know how to channel the water through sluicing.

The sluicing began. Frustrations grew stout as our inexperience was proving the truth of itself. I sluiced and sluiced and sluiced for hours. However, the very shiny gold specs motivated me to keep going, but we were not able to sluice expertly and it showed. The nice mud we had created we packaged in sandwich baggies and I had my own stash I put in my purple Smile Direct aligner container. I was so proud of what we pulled from the ground I planned to keep my stash in the container and put it in a safe deposit in the bank for retirement.

The pictures do it no justice, but the shiny area is my gold. Or so I thought…..

The next morning, we headed to a gemologist to have our gold tested for grams and karat ratings but most of all to see the value of our gold. My son and I were smiling big, making big plans for future mining trips even out of the country. We both stood nervous as the two men looked at our gold. I stood there heart beating fast so anxious to here number values. After taking one look at our gold, we saw the gentleman raise his eyebrows. I just knew we had struck it big. I saw a big smile quickly form his new expression and then that word spilled from his mouth. “Mica!” I looked at my son who was shaking his head and laughing and I took that as something spectacular as my ignorance started showing. The gemologist and my son were laughing and carrying on, oh how happy that made me. Finally, I asked, “what is mica and how much is it worth?” I knew if the gold was pyrite which is known as “fool’s gold” would still carry a small value, but value it is.

After asking about the mica, I was quickly schooled that the mineral is used to condition the soil, it’s used in some cosmetics, and it glitters like sequins in the sunlight just like gold and anyone would think it’s gold at first sight. In other words, mica is nature’s glitter and it is hot harmful to humans and you will find mica in Chanel’s Gemstones cosmetics and the Lumiere Platine as well as Revlon who use mica. Thus my gold rush rushed out the door in the form of mica and I did come up with an idea about my quilling artwork to use the mica in some of my pieces meaning it’s not a total loss for me at all. I did learn from the experience and gained wonderful knowledge of the mineral and came up with a brilliant idea.

Does this mean our mining days are over? Absolutely not. We are just beginning and the backyard discovery was practice and a fun learning experience. When the rain subsides, we will continue with our planned expedition and a video of our efforts and of course lots of photos. Realistically, I’m not expecting riches, but I am expecting to gain knowledge and of course there will be some profits from the different stones we uncover and if fate is on our side, we might find a good batch of gold. From my mouth to your ears, or my hands to your eyes, never say never!!!

Ancient Truth Of My Existence

At 4:00 in the morning on January 27th, 2020 that familiar soft and gentle voice woke me up. I had been struggling over a year now of how to end the book I started in 2018. I had prayed to God to lead and guide me in the direction I was to go if indeed this book should be published and after contemplating and draining my thoughts, God shows up with an idea that has catapulted me into one of the deepest studies I have ever encountered and been a part of. He spoke and directed me to Revelation 21 which describes what Heaven will look like. But, in my study, God has taken me even deeper and boy has it been eye opening and makes all the sense in the world to how my childhood dreams match those that are still deep within my heart. Read Revelation 21:18-21 below:

I’ll not go into what I’m writing about in my next book but I do want to expand a little on what I have learned about myself according to the twelve gemstones in Revelation 21. I’m not one of those who gets up every morning and read about my daily forecast according to the horoscope. According the modern zodiac as we know it, I am a Virgo being I was born in August. As I read Revelation 21, 12-21 which I have read many many times in the past, but this time was different. It opened an entire depth of knowledge I never felt I would ever have the privilege to understand here on this earth. It all began as I read the twelve gemstones that Heaven is made of. I looked at number eight, being that August is the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar. And the eighth gemstone mentioned was beryl. My modern day birthstone is Peridot which would be a yellowish, green color or Heliodor.

As I studied this chapter over and over trying to get what I might be missing, God prompted me to go back and study the twelve tribes of Israel, thus the mind blowing journey began.

In my mind, from the twelve gemstones mentioned in Revelation 21 and their correlation with the twelve tribes of Israel, what does this mean for me after 3, 600 years later? It might mean my true identity and my place in the lineage of time, and my place in this world today. As a child, I used to lay on the family swing at night and look at the stars and study them as my fascination was there right over my head. Nothing made me happier than to be outside staring at the sky and talking to God. I was also an avid rock collector collecting rocks from our travels and I had a nice collection to say the least. I say all this to say, to this day, I am still fascinated with the night sky and I still love rocks which is why I have now shifted to digging in the earth to explore the hidden beauties of gems. But God has taken me a bit deeper.

My mind has often wandered through time trying to imagine what lineage I may be a part of. It wasn’t very long ago, someone who claimed to be an angel specifically told me I had royalty in my blood. I took it with a grain of salt, but he did know an awful lot about me and my family that you cannot find on-line, but the fact he called himself an angel kind of threw me off the grid so-to-speak and I left it at that. But recently, I have found my true lineage derived from the twelve zodiac constellations and the ancient find will keep me digging for more.

Some of you are probably screaming “witchcraft” and thinking this is about horoscopes and which moon is in who’s house. God created those constellations and with precise detail that to this day holds true. He even says in His word, some things are a mystery, but He allows some of these mysteries to be discovered only if we step away from our laptops, TV sets and mobile devices long enough to learn. As I mentioned earlier, I have nothing to do with horoscopes and daily forecasts of my life. God orders my steps and God only. No one can forecast my future as God has it planned out. Be weary of those who try then you know you’re messing with the wrong mind sets.

What does all this have to do with my identity? I’m glad you asked! Allow me to try and attempt what I mean. The origin or our twelve gemstones or birthstones and their different colors have great significance biblically speaking as these twelve colors are the roots in the breastplate of the high priest of Israel. In fact, our birthstones are associated with the different twelve tribes. But there is a problem with our modern layout of these birthstones according to the Gregorian as opposed to the Hebrew blueprint. It becomes difficult to understand the variations, the translations, etc. unless you dive in head first and go full force strongly.

Each tribe is identified with a constellation of the zodiac. Ezekiel 28: 13 “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.”

I am pretty sure even though nine stones are mentioned in the above verse, that these stones referred to as “coverings” were indeed referring to the constellations as the canopy of the heavens. God’s order of things is a house of order thus meaning it never changes.

Let’s get technical.

A definitive correlation of the twelve stones, modern names, colors and tribes we will use with modern day birth date and birth constellation. As I mentioned above, I was born in August and the modern day color is Peridot and while unraveling the true mystery from the true Hebrew stones you can see in the modern version of the scale below, I am of the tribe of Naphtali but this is not accurate. To understand my constellation color I had to find out how that color was determined which in reality is determined by the actual position of the sun in the constellations at the time of birth. Kind of sounds like some of that nonsense horoscope coding but again, it is not!

I have tried to keep this as simple as possible, but with me I can get complicated even with myself, and here is my outcome in direct understanding, I am in fact, not a Virgo, but a Leo, my birth color is not Peridot, but instead, Ruby. My favorite color that I’ve always been drawn to has been red which would make sense in a biblical perspective of the zodiac which makes my birth color red. I am tribe Judah, and in the shoulder order of the four corners of the cardinal directions, I fall under the sacred direction of East. I share my Tribe with Zebulon and Issachar. My zodiac is Lion and my Foundation is Sard. That is my encampment order. My lineage is that of Jacob and one of his wives, Leah. But we are all in that twelve somewhere. This is just the start of understanding my birthright and it’s trueity. This kind of information makes one want to go even deeper. Will I stop here? You better believe I will not! I will go as far as God will allow and again I want to reiterate, this is not nor has anything to do with horoscopes and forecasting my future instead learning my past, blessings and cursing, my deep heritage and a longing to know about my God. I already know my future. I’m heaven bound and that’s where my home is and I’m on my way…..

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Be blessed….

(My study is based on many variations and tons of research and notes I’ve kept up with, and an in depth study of John Pratt.)


I cannot find words to describe the devastating loss of one of America’s well known basketball phenom who was taken in an accident that took place yesterday with Kobe Bryant and his thirteen year old daughter Gianna. Kobe played guard for the Lakers who selected him with the 13th pick in the 1996 NBA draft from the Charlotte Hornets. He became a legend in his basketball career and was known worldwide. Kobe Bryant was a family man, a wonderful husband and father of four daughters and was taken at such a young age of 41.

I was once a fan of the Lakers when I lived in California and was fortunate to attend a game in 1980 and watch my favorite, Kareem Abdul Jabbar whom I wrote my English paper on in 9th grade. I was also fortunate to have seen Magic Johnson in action in L.A. Below are the ones who lost their lives in the crash May they all rest in peace and may God bring peace to their families who now live with the aftermath of losing their loved one. The Lakers were fortunate to have Kobe Bryant be a part of their team. Fly high Kobe, fly high and touch the sky…